Wednesday, June 02, 2021

It's a new and wonderful day

We have had mostly cold, cloudy, wet weather this spring (while getting very little actual rainfall).  So my usual seasonal winter depression keeps coming back sporadically.   Blah.  I just can't help it.  However, today is perfectly delightful.  For the first time in I-don't-know-how-long, when I took Gabe out at 3:30 AM, I saw the moon and stars shining, and smiled broadly at the heavens.

That's the sun!!!

My garden in the early morning light

OK, I'm back.  We had to take Gabe to the groomer, so he'll be gone most of the day.  In his absence, I decided to take the grandson's girl friend's pup for a walk.  He's four months old, I think.  Since the grandson and his girl friend both work all day, Arick fixed a pen up for him out by our old barn; he can go inside or outside there.  When they get home in the evening, he becomes a house dog for the night.  He is very friendly, but when he came here, all he knew was his old home where he was born, and he was scared of everything; he's gotten a lot better about that. 

He likes to be where his people are, so I didn't think he'd try running away in the pasture.  He frolicked all around me, but he kept looking back from whence he came, and once he couldn't see the barn, he balked at following me.  I had a fanny pack loaded with treats, so during most of my walk I had to cajole him and talk baby talk to keep him with me.  I need bigger treats for this Golden Doodle pup, because he'd try to get one off my palm and knock it in the grass in his enthusiasm.  I poured the praise on him each time I seduced him to my side, patting him vigorously.  Once I was ready to head back to the house, he stayed far ahead of me; he knew where he was going.  However, he would stop once in awhile to make sure I was following him.    

Gabe gets grumpy with Klouse and his energy

It seems strange to call a black dog a Golden Doodle.  

I am feeling really well lately, and I think a lot of the reason is that I'm not eating after 5:30 or 6, so I don't eat the last three hours before going to bed.  Also, after a phone call and discussion with my gastro doctor's nurse-practitioner, I have cut my four-times-a-day pills to two, and that is working just fine.  So while my mood has been rather sour, my stomach is doing a happy dance.

Life is good.


  1. Sorry you are still having some SAD effects but delighted that you stomach is responding so well. Hope that keeps up. I was just thinking "Golden" just didn't quit fit that adorable black dog but he is what he is.

  2. That's great about your better health. When your mood improves, you'll also feel good enough to enjoy the weather and your activities! Golden Doodles are very nice dogs.

  3. So glad you are learning to live with yourself so to speak! Lol

    1. Oh, I doubt I will ever totally learn to live with myself. I will die trying, though!

  4. I am so happy your health is better. I have worried about your stomach problems.

  5. I'm so so happy you're feeling better, Donna!! And cutting down on your medicine too.... that's wonderful. Keep it up, my friend. ~Andrea xoxoxo

  6. I love it when we get a beautiful day like that. They've been rare here this spring. So much rain here and cold too.
    I'm looking forward to summer. I love your nephews dog. What a cutie. Have fun and enjoy the good days while you can do so.


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