Friday, June 11, 2021

All is well

We went back to Blue Springs for my haircut (again).  I walked in and sat down, since I was early.  Michelle was working on a customer and the other lady, the one who was supposed to cut my hair Monday, was also there.  That lady, I think her name was Cher, came right up to me and graciously apologized and said she was paying for my haircut with Michelle.  I told her I knew from her behavior the other day that it was not a just-for-fun phone conversation she was having; in fact, the other hairdresser who was there when all this happened had told me she had been on the phone for two hours before I got there.  Turns out there was some sort of glitch online that would not allow her husband to pay his employees, so it was indeed a critical call. 

I had an order to pick up at Kohl's while we were in town, so at least we once again killed two birds with one stone in Blue Springs.

I have an appointment Monday (grastro doctor); then Tuesday the nurse-practitioner at our regular doctor's clinic will see me.  My blood pressure numbers are where they should be now, so I don't imagine the meds will have to be changed any more for a while.  Next week I see the cardiologist, and if all is well, I should be done with doctors for a time.


  1. With your new haircut you’ll look great for all these appointments.😂😂
    Maybe after these, the appts will ease a bit.

  2. It sounds like life is going back to more of a normal routine. Yay!

  3. That did all turn out pretty well and it was nice of her to apologize and pay for your cut. Hope your Dr appointments turn out just as well.

  4. Well at least you know what was what at the hair salon. Hope you love your new DO. Fingers are crossed you get the thumbs up from all your tests and docs. Take care.

  5. It will be good to have your life back to normal...whatever that is. :)


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