Sunday, June 13, 2021

Go for a sunrise walk with me

I was surprised at how cool it was this morning:  67°!  I probably should not have been surprised, since we had a storm night before last with 80-90-miles-an-hour winds out of the north and very hard rainfall for a little while.  We received an inch and a half of pounding rain, although Kansas City, only 30 miles away, hardly got any rain; they did get the wind, though.  Usually our strongest winds come from the west.  Since there is a garage at the west end of our trailer house, we hardly know it's blowing.  This time the wind howled against the north side of the feeble, cheaply made mobile home, but it did no damage at all.  Those tie-downs they use beneath a mobile home must really work, although to look at the device, you wouldn't think so.  Our electricity was out overnight, but that was the only real problem from that storm.  The grandson and his girl friend, of course, also lost power, so I invited them over yesterday morning for a pancake breakfast.  There's a reason I always buy a gas stove; power outages are more common in rural areas.  I dug out our old camper percolator for Cliff's coffee and he was happy.


 Anyway:  The outside air was so refreshing that Gabe and I started our walk before the sun was up.  I took pictures to share with you, my readers. 

This is taken before we were too far from the house.  The grandson seeded it with ryegrass for a cover crop.

The sun peeking through the treetops

I looked back toward home; there's our house!

That far distant area is on the other side of the Missouri River.

Can you see Gabe?  I told him to sit, but was surprised that he obeyed, because the morning dew was heavy and COLD.  I know this because I always walk barefoot; there is something magical about letting my feet touch the earth; I felt this way even as a small child.

At this point the sun had finally shown itself through the trees

Looking north across the river again

Yes, Blue went too.  I don't encourage him to come, but he saw us sneaking off.  He never stays with us and I worry about him when he doesn't return with us.

You can see the roof of our house as well as the next-door neighbors home.  We have close neighbors, which is why I cherish the north part of the property.  That's the only place where I can look out of a window and see no signs of people!

At this point, I'm almost home; that's my favorite old cottonwood tree.

I rinsed the grass off my bare feet at the end of the house, then went up the sidewalk and through the front door.

I am so thankful I have a wonderful area away from civilization where I can take a quiet walk with my dog (and cat).


  1. You are lucky! I grew up in the country. We had neighbors, but couldn't see them. We had woods and a creek to explore.

  2. I don’t see how you can walk bare footed. You are tough.

  3. I love taking walks and this looks like a beautiful (and comfortable) one!

  4. Sounded like quite a storm. Glad there was no damage. Impressed you walk barefoot through the grass. I barely make it barefooted from the bed to the bathroom:)

  5. Your walk was lovely!!!

  6. What a lovely walk. I hate to go barefoot so I could not do that! Impressive.

  7. Thank you for taking us visually along with your walk.

  8. Sheer gorgeousness, Donna! How I love these pictures you shared!! ~Andrea xoxo

  9. Your walk is a beautiful one! Looks so peaceful and calming.

  10. Lovely morning 🌄 walk! Thank you Donna. 🌻

  11. What beautiful views you have nearby all of the way across the Missouri river. It is cute that Blue likes to walk with you and Gabe. My neighbor used to always go for walks and her cat would follow right along, talking to her the whole time. When they arrived home again the cat was still right behind her, still talking (meowing).


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