Friday, May 28, 2021

Such weird weather

I just came in from the clothesline; it's chilly outside, even with a light jacket on.  It's 49° out there, to be exact.  I could have tossed all three loads in the dryer as I washed them, but I hate paying the electric company for drying my clothes if I can help it.  The predicted high for today is 59°.  I'm not complaining:  We don't have the furnace or air conditioner running, so I'll take a couple of cooler days.

We could use a new sofa.  We made the mistake of getting a leather one last time and we've hated it ever since we bought it.  All the furniture stores have big sales on Memorial Day, so I considered shopping for sofas this weekend.  But the more I thought about it, the less I wanted to go looking; I never want to go anywhere these days, especially shopping.  It's so hard to find what we want, and it seems as though we often don't like the couches we buy once we get them home, no matter how much time we spend trying them out in the store.

I had a scare this morning:  When I opened the door to feed the two cats, only Mama Kitty was there.  Blue is usually waiting for breakfast at least an hour ahead of time.  I fed Mama Kitty and called for Blue.  I checked the garage and the shop to make sure he hadn't been locked in, but he's wise to that now; if he hears the automatic doors closing, he runs as fast as he can.  He's been locked in those places accidentally before, and doesn't intend for it to happen again.  At six AM he still hadn't shown up.  I went to the back porch and yelled for him across the pasture where he hunts so often, wondering if the hunter had become the hunted.  About ten minutes later, I looked out the window and saw Mama Kitty had mosied back there and was sitting, peering intently out over the pasture.  I couldn't see anything in that direction and came inside, but five minutes later, Blue was back there with her.  

I was so happy to see him I let him inside and fed him breakfast in the house.  That was shortly after six, and as I type this at 10:30, he's still in his bed across the living room napping, occasionally stretching, yawning, and changing positions.  The problem with outdoor cats is that there are so many things that can happen to them:  coyotes, bobcats, and foxes are numerous here.  Every time I get a scare like this, I remind myself we've had Mama Kitty 11 or 12 years, and she's still around doing fine.

It's been a lazy couple of days.  It rained off and on yesterday, and today we have clouds and chilly weather.  Cliff is cat-napping on the couch, and I haven't done much to brag about.  

These are strange times we're living in, in so many different ways.  I think I need a nap.


  1. So good to hear what you’re up too. I never was one for a bunch of friends, but I love my blogger friends. I check on you, Margie and Connie everyday. I don’t have to worry about you asking me to go somewhere which I never want to do. I think Donna you’re my best friend forever! 🤣🤣

  2. We think our leather sofa is the greatest thing since sliced bread but we raised two kids with it and wiped up a lot of spills. Perhaps after they fly the nest we might go back to something else.

    I've often wanted to put a camera on the outdoor cats, especially when they disappear for a few days. But like you said, we lost a lot of outdoor cats over the years and had one defy the odds and live 25 years before he disappeared last year.

  3. The weather is weird here in TN, too. Yesterday it was sunny and 85 degrees. Today is chilly with pouring rain. Tomorrow (Saturday)the high temperature is supposed to be 53.

    I had a leather sofa when I lived in Texas and I hated it. It was slippery and cold to sit on - and my cats enjoyed scratching it. I left it in the living room for the people who bought my house (they liked it - but probably changed their minds after sitting on it).

  4. Only my stubbornness is getting in the way of pulling out a jacket for the next trip out of the house!

  5. I don't like the feel of sitting on leather but it IS easier to clean up, both for spills and cat hair.

  6. Northern AB gal1:40 PM

    Don't you have a La-z-boy factory in Missouri? I just bought a new recliner and I'm sure it says it was made in Missouri. I love LaZBoy products, our last sofa was an England sofa and that thing lasted for years and was most comfortable. Would definitely by another, there was a LaZboy sofa in the store when I bought the chair, was so tempted to buy it but don't really need a need a new sofa in my life right now. Good luck with your search. BTW, I HATE shopping, it tires me out so much that I am pretty much useless for the rest of the day and then to have to make difficult decisions makes it even worse, lol.

    1. We used to like them when they were well-made, but the LazyBoy couch we had before the leather-covered one was pure junk. The last of their chairs was, too. We won't buy any more.

    2. Northern AB gal4:40 PM

      Well that is not what I wanted to hear! Our old LZB recliner was over 20 years old so I imagine a lot has changed in that time, and not for the better. They never seem to make things better, do they? Well hopefully the new one will last for a few years, I'm quite sure it won't last like the old one but it seems quite comfortable.

  7. The last lazy boy chair I bought was designed strangely. The lever (it was a manually operated recliner) was so far down that when I used it on an everyday basis it was hurting my arm and shoulder because I had to reach down too far to use the lever, we had to buy an extension. There were some other weird design things. A couple of years later my knees got really bad and I for a while needed a lift chair. I found a pretty and comfortable lift recliner (electric with battery backup) from a different company. It turned out to be a chair that emitted fumes like being behind an old diesel bus. It was awful and was stinking up the whole house making me wheeze and my little dog cough. I had to open the window behind it, put a window fan there to use to vent the fumes from the chair to the outside. The store accpted (finally) a return on it.

    Right now there are many types of recliner chairs on backorder, I wouldn't doubt that couches are sometimes a long wait for delivery, too, and even to get repairs done, sometimes parts have to be ordered and there is a long wait. They say due to Covid. I have had a Golden Technology lift recliner for four years, and these days that is considered a long life for chairs. I recently had to have it repaired. A bolt had loosened itself out of the frame and something in the chair would thump me in the rump as I was reclining or sitting up again. Luckily, thank Heaven, the bolt had just loosened itself out of it's hole, and the wooden frame wasn't broken. The wooden frame would not have been reparable. So I spent $90 to have it repaired. I have spent many hours in this recliner because it was the only place comfortable for me after my two separate knee surgeries.

    Couch shopping and recliner shopping is a chore to me, not to mention expensive. Our couch is over 20 years old, and is a Lazy Boy fabric covered couch. It was made really well and I still like it. I don't think their furniture now is the same quality as it used to be, or maybe it is just the luck of the draw if you get a long lasting one. Good luck when you decide to get a new couch.


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