Thursday, May 20, 2021

Same old routine around here

One of my readers assumed there was something wrong with me because I hadn't posted an entry for awhile.  Actually, we haven't had anything major to deal with lately.  I have been having a terrible time going to sleep for the past three months or so, and believe me, that takes the steam out of me.  For years I slept six hours most nights, and I get along fine on that.  Lately, I've only gotten three or four hours.  It makes me grumpy, and I don't care whether I do a blog entry or not.  Once in awhile, maybe twice a week, I take an over-the-counter sleep aid, and that usually helps... but those pills also make me groggy, so I still don't care about doing much.  As far as health problems, we haven't had any new ones.  Our doctor doubled my blood pressure pill, and it looks like that is starting work as it should.  

I'm still trying to find out what I can eat that won't hurt my stomach and esophagus.  Most days are pain-free for me now, and when reflux pops up at night, I try to think back and remember what I had for my last meal of the day before.  I do know I have to take my time eating; if I don't eat slowly, that food takes forever to go down to my stomach.

Every day for the past week it has rained; most days we only get a sprinkle, but the skies are constantly dark and dreary, and I don't do well with that kind of weather when it refuses to go away.  We received three and a half inches of rain this week, and I'm happy for that.  Cliff said he heard on the news that Kansas City is about to break their record for having the largest number of consecutive rainy days.

I am excited about one thing right now:  tomorrow we get faster Internet that comes to our house through the air!  Bye-bye, Centurylink and Directv.  We will be streaming our television shows from now on, and watching local channels on the antenna.  All the local folks who have Nexus say it is wonderful.  Maybe now I won't have to take a nap while I'm downloading pictures to my blog.  We will be using the lowest-priced deal they offer, at least to begin with.  Their lowest speed is five times faster than Centurylink has ever been.  We won't be penalized if we decide we don't want it.  

We went to Aldi's today, and also stopped by Price Chopper because they had a deal on cauliflower and broccoli.  Price Chopper is an expensive store, but their fruits and vegetables are the best quality around.  Most folks in the stores didn't wear masks today, but I wore mine.  Just guessing, I'd say 1/4 of the shoppers wore masks.

So, my worried Arkansas friend, worry no more.  


  1. I'll be wearing my mask in stores and staying with pick up most of the time. I've found it very convenient! Although the vaccine has a high protection rate and probably won't kill me, I don't trust the variants or all the unvaccinated people not in masks. Glad that life has settled back down to normalish. It's the best we can hope for sometimes.

  2. Well, glad you’re ok. Guess I’m a pessimist. I went from century link to another. I had 10 and in this new company I have 1000. I love it. They gave me a price for life. Double what centurylink charged but a whole new world. It is worth every penny. Sisters can’t get internet where they live. Now, they have to use their phones. The local library lets them check out hot spots. They get to keep it a week. I hope Joe does something about this. Fleta’s grandkids she is raising had a horrible time when they were going to school at home. Sorry for the long blab!

  3. Know what you mean about sleeping. Think not getting much is a national pastime now. Who ever figures it out will become a zillionaire.
    Congrats on the high speed Internet. I'm still living with poky joe here.

  4. I have my internet through Cox Cable and it is o.k. I am sleeping better most of the time and without Melatonin too.

  5. Being downstream of this recent weather pattern, we are exactly in your situation. Daily drizzles for the last umpteen days. The only difference is I'm guessing we haven't got quite the total rainfall as you, maybe 2 inches. I'm only guessing because my daughter broke my rain gauge this winter and I haven't replaced it yet. Unfortunately, the forecasted weather doesn't look different anytime soon.

  6. With your not sleeping, have you had your thyroid checked? I know my medication needs adjusting for my thyroid when I am not sleeping and then get grouchy and crabby.
    We finally got some rain here yesterday. I had 6/10's of an inch and was so pleased with that. I hope it takes some of the pollen away now and the grass...dandelions, and the trees look so much happier and perkier and oh how good it smells outside after a rain. Wendy

  7. It really is annoying not to get enough sleep. My sleep pattern seems to go up and down constantly and when I don't get enough, I'm tired and not happy. They say taking a nap is not good. Sigh. I do take 5 mg of melatonin every night and I think it helps.


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