Wednesday, February 24, 2016

We're only fifteen years behind in our television watching

Cliff and I don't really keep current on newer TV series.  Sometimes our daughter, who is so busy I can't even believe she finds time to watch television, gives us a heads-up.  And we don't always like all the shows she enjoys.  

Let me pause to tell you that our daughter really IS that busy; that wasn't some sort of back-handed remark designed to give her guilt or make my readers think she doesn't have time for us.  She puts in a lot of time at her job, even traveling out of town several times a year.  I think she likes her life being this busy.  And if we need her, she'll be right here.

Now, back to my thoughts.  Cliff and I never discover a TV series on our own, never have.  CSI had been on for years before my friend Joanna turned watched an episode during a visit and got me hooked.  From then on I watched every episode I could find, no matter how old.  When I had run through those, I found E.R. and Law and Order in syndication, and those filled the void.  When I started with Law and Order, they were showing two old episodes daily, back to back, so it didn't take so long to watch all twenty seasons.  

We somehow discovered "The Good Wife" without any assistance, and haven't missed an episode.  This season is its last, and I think that's good timing.  They've done about all they can with that plot.  

When my daughter's oldest shared his Netflix subscription with us, I first thought it was a total waste:  I don't like vampire or zombie shows, of which there are many.  "Orange is the New Black" wasn't my cup of tea, nor anything else along those lines.  My grandchildren all seemed to think I was turned off by the lesbian relationships on the show, but no.  It was just boring to me; I got past being shocked many years ago.  I forced myself through several episodes and finally threw in towel.  

Cliff and I watched "Breaking Bad" a few times, but it was depressing, and just the same stuff happening over and over, going from bad to worse.  Meh.

Imagine my surprise when I finally found a show Cliff and I both love, "The West Wing".  We watch an episode every evening; it's the highlight of our day.  We think we are learning things, but of course it's a TV show, so maybe the way the show depicts events isn't how they really are.  I just did a google search to see if I could find out, but I don't have all day before Cora arrives, so I let that slide.  However, I will include THIS LINK just for my husband, because there are some interesting facts.  Got that, Cliff?  Hey, it's my blog.  I can do that.

There was one episode with a White House lock-down due to a terrorist threat when some high-school kids were shut in with the staff.  Questions and answers flew like crazy, and later on Cliff said, "You know, I need to watch that last episode again; there was a lot of information in there."

So we watched it again.  My favorite character on the show, by the way, is C. J. Cregg.  

We also watch a daily episode of NYPD Blue, but let's face it:  a cop show is a cop show.  Yeah, we watch it and really like Sipowicz, but we are liable to be reading the paper or checking Facebook at the same time.  Not so with West Wing:  Before it even starts we go to the bathroom, put aside all distractions, and focus on the show.  When it's over, you will hear us saying things like, "That's all?" or "It can't be over!" or, "Man, that's a great show."

You know it's a slow day when I give you reviews of twenty-year-old television shows, right?  

Here's a totally unrelated item:  From what I have seen on Facebook, coffee is the best thing you can consume for your health; it fights off Alzheimer's and heals liver damage caused by alcohol.  And wine is good for you, and if you drink it every night it helps you lose weight.  From these and other associated Facebook facts, it appears that we can all just dispense with food.  All we need for a long life is coffee and wine.  If you drink too much of the wine, the coffee will fix that for you.

You gotta love the Internet.

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