Monday, February 01, 2016

Silly horses

After church and dinner today, I decided to take a blanket and go out to the pasture.  I didn't make it my usual walk, because I did that two days ago and don't want to push my luck with the knees.  It's just that the sun was shining and I felt the need to get out and enjoy it.  I took the camera just in case something struck my fancy.  

I noticed the horses near the pond, but I was heading for the point, back near where my cabin used to be.  I took some pictures of my favorite trees there; then I spread the blanket over the damp ground, rolled over on my back, and watched clouds drifting past.  Then I moved on up the hill a little.  I noticed the horses had come around the corner and could now be seen grazing contentedly at a distance.  I lay down, closed my eyes, and enjoyed the feeling of the sun on my face for awhile.  After awhile I opened my eyes and glanced toward the horses... their curiosity was getting the best of them!

I had forgotten how nosy horses can be.  

Come on guys, can't a lady get a little peace and quiet here?

I guess that's a no.

Enough with the big brown eyes!

And the nose!  I don't care how soft and velvety it is, get back.

Even when I got up, packed up the blanket, and started toward the house, they followed.  

I don't get any respect.


  1. Well, at least you got a little peace for little while! I love laying in my yard. Not warm enough for me to do that yet though!

  2. But they LOVE you!


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