Friday, February 19, 2016

Three hours on Youtube

Quite some time ago, I decided to delete my Google Plus account.  I never even visit Google +, since Facebook is my number one social media site.  I saw absolutely no need for a second one.  So I decided to delete it.  

I didn't realize how deeply Google gets its hooks into a person until that moment.  As soon as I tried to do away with Plus, I couldn't access any of my Youtube videos, because that's another Google site, as is Blogger.  I panicked, so I don't really remember what hoops I jumped through, but finally I got my Youtube back.  Of course, I had to sign up for Google + again, because I couldn't give up my videos.  All those movies of relatives and various dogs I've owned and all those horseback and motorcycle rides I recorded, gone?  I couldn't let them go.

However, when I got my videos back, they had all been set to private, meaning only I could watch them.  And the only way to change the settings on them was to do one stinking video at a time.  I was so frustrated and drained that day, I let it go.  I didn't have the energy to even begin the task.  

Well, this morning I got to thinking about the private blog I made when I started babysitting Cora.  I set it up so friends and relatives could keep track of her goings-on without the whole world spying on our activities.  A lot of videos were on the blog, and since my big Google boo-boo, they couldn't be viewed by anyone but me.  I decided today was as good as any to start fixing the situation.

The biggest mistake was my decision to do the Cora videos first, because when I watched one and changed the status to "unlisted", I had to watch the next.  I have looked at videos clear back to the time she was two months old, and I've laughed and cried at them for three hours.  Videos of me reading to her, singing to her, making a fool of myself for her.  

I'm worn out!  This is the first morning I haven't even attempted to meditate since sometime back in December.  I didn't only fix the baby videos, although I gave them first priority; I did a couple others along the way.  I'm sure after another 2,000 or so, I'll get them all back to the proper status.  

On another subject:  Suddenly the blog entry I did from the hospital when Cliff's "simple" gall bladder surgery went bad is getting a lot of hits.  I wonder who resurrected that and passed it around?  Not that I care, because after all, this is a public blog; it's just one of those things that makes me go "Hmmm".  Of course, now I am fanning the flame, because I'm now sharing the link here.  I can't believe it's been almost three years, which means that's how long we've been without a motorcycle ride, too.  I think Cliff misses it sometimes, but I can honestly say I don't.  

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