Thursday, February 11, 2016

That "next blog" button

Just above the header of most Google blogs like mine, you can see the words "Next Blog".   

I say "most blogs", because every once in awhile it's missing.  There must be some way to opt out of it, although I don't know how, or even why it would matter.  Most people ignore it anyhow.  

Being a curious person with plenty of time on my hands, once in a blue moon I click on that "next blog" and see where it takes me.  Sometimes I'll keep going to the next and then the next for quite a while.  When I end up on a blog without that option, I simply back up to the last one I visited, click again, and it will take me to a different blog.  I've learned a few useless things while wasting time like this:

1.  Nine out of ten people don't last long at this blogging thing.  Some only manage one or two entries, but those few words typed into cyberspace remain.  I always wonder what their original plan was when they created a blog in the first place.  Maybe they just wanted to see if they could do it.

2.  The Mormon church must encourage young parents to start blogs about their families, because every time I blog-hop like this, I end up seeing a lot of young Mormon parents sharing pictures and stories of their oh-so-perfect children.

3.  When you are plugging along through blogs and come to a warning "mature content only", unless you are VERY adventurous, don't let your curiosity make you give consent.  I learned the hard way that I don't want to see whatever is on the other side of that warning.  Yes, I did click.  An idle mind is the devil's workshop, and I ventured forth.  I'm still regretting it.  There are some things you just can't un-see.

I just now stopped my typing, went to my blog, clicked on next blog and found THIS, which is fairly relevant to my life.  I might check it out a little later.  From there I found one that looks even more like my cup of tea HERE.  After that, though, the common theme disintegrated and led me to a bunch of stuff that didn't make sense, plus one guy who left his blog and moved to Facebook and suggested I meet him there.  

I guarantee that if I sat here and kept on clicking through blogs, I'd end up meeting some new Mormons.  Don't get me wrong, they seem nice enough.  Just too cookie-cutter picture-perfect and boring to suit me.

Just consider this your dose of useless information for the day.


  1. This is a great post, Donna. I'll admit that I, too, have clicked the "next button" on occasion. I discovered that 90% of all blogs aren't worth reading. I've found numerous blogs that don't have ONE post (as you said, these were created by people who simply wanted to see if they could do it).

    One thing that annoys me (among many) is that some bloggers post VERY sporadically - only once or twice a month (if that). It makes me lose interest.

    I have often clicked on the "Mature Content" out of curiosity (ha - I'm a lot more daring than you). Personally, I don't like blatant vulgarity in blogs. I curse in my blog now & then, but nothing profound. I know of some bloggers who THRIVE on vulgarity, and I don't like it.

    What REALLY annoys me is those blogs that have thousands of followers.
    How the heck do they get them?????

  2. I never noticed that! I will have to become more adventurous, although I don't think I will often click on the mature content blogs. I like family blogs, but anyone who is trying to look perfect or happy 100% of the time won't interest me. I prefer people who keep it real.

  3. I love your sense of humor here. : ) That "un-see" part is very true. Regrettably I found out the hard way as well, but for me it was on Craigslist, of all places!


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