Thursday, December 24, 2015

Dreaming about Colorado

This morning I was daydreaming about the train trip we plan to take to the Grand Canyon, hoping it would be everything I've hoped for.  I expect it will be.  Then somehow my mind wandered to Colorado Springs and the Garden of the Gods.  

If you visit Garden of the Gods during the peak daytime hours, it's so crowded that it's uncomfortable to be there.  However, the year my daughter's family went to Colorado with us, she and I rose early, before dawn, and the two of us found there is a way to beat the crowds and see the place at its most beautiful.  Rachel is not by preference an early riser, so this was something she did for me.  

A couple of years later, Cliff and I visited Colorado during the recuperative period after his open heart surgery.  He, like his daughter, prefers to sleep until the day has fully begun, but I talked him in to getting out of bed early enough to see the Garden of the Gods as it ought to be viewed.  We went for a nice walk and fully enjoyed the brightness of the formations as the sun lit them up.

Well, with Colorado on my mind and with the realization that we will be celebrating our fiftieth anniversary in 2016, I remembered a website where you can search for places to rent that are more like home than a motel, and for the first time in years, typed VRBO into the browser.  I narrowed my search for places in central Colorado that rent for under $125 a night and was amazed at the wonderful choices.  There are reviews that people have done after staying at these places, so you get an idea as to how desirable it really is.  
If we go to Colorado, we may never stay at a motel again.  There's one I especially liked half an hour from Durango:  Click HERE.  I can only imagine what it would be like to wake up in this cabin and step out on the screened-in porch with a cup of coffee.  It's on a working sheep ranch, and the reviews are great.  It has a full kitchen, which I much prefer to eating out all the time.  

There are many places within Colorado Springs with great reviews, for unbelievable reasonable prices.  And one I really liked in Leadville, but Cliff has trouble breathing there, so that's probably out.

OK.  Back to dreaming about the Grand Canyon.  But wouldn't it be fun to be in Colorado on our actual anniversary, June 14?  

What say you, Cliff?  (He isn't awake as I create the blog entry.)


  1. Colorado is such a beautiful place. We visited Garden of the Gods when we were in Colorado Springs for a gymnastics championship. Lots of great memories, although it was difficult to breathe at times, I always carried water with me and Alison got a horrible nose bleed. High altitude is tricky.

  2. awww, My home town Colo Spgs. It is truly the most beautiful place on earth.


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