Sunday, December 27, 2015

boring stuff

Originally I planned to get our eating back on track starting January 1, but yesterday the time had come.  Cliff is never ready, but he wants to get back to a reasonable weight, so he is glad to be dragged along, and claims that's the only way he can manage to lose weight.  

When I stepped on the scale, it was worse than I thought!  Isn't it funny how I stay off the scales in order to deceive myself?  Like an ostrich sticking its head in the sand... "if I don't know how much I've gained, then I haven't gained much."

I dredged up my old account, which brings up another question:  Why did I stop entering my weight on Sparkpeople?  I can understand why I stopped entering all my food, because that gets tiresome once I've reached my goal.  But entering my weight, say, once a week, would have been simple.  Weighing regularly, even daily, is what kept us honest over the years of successfully eating properly, for two and three years at a time.  Obviously we didn't want to be honest with ourselves.  

Enough for that.  Notice that I never use the four-letter "D" word, which would create the illusion that this is a temporary thing.  

I am having some success at weaning myself off Facebook... so far, so good.  I still check for status updates several times a day, but I don't get hooked into reading every single thing; I miss a lot, because Cliff will ask if I saw certain things family members put on; most of the time, the answer is no.  And I try not to follow those trails into silly games and memes and news items that end up taking precious minutes from my life.  I now leave the Ipad at home when we go someplace, unless my Amazon Echo grocery list is needed.  Then I just leave it in the airplane mode, which leaves me without Internet.  If you are a Facebook friend reading this, let me warn you that if you put something on that you really, really want me to see, either tag me or private message me.  Also, for quite some time I've had my settings so that nobody could post to my timeline.  I have changed that setting so you can post things to my timeline now. 

I've come to realize that the Internet as a whole isn't a problem to me, it's just Facebook.  Before Facebook, it was the old chat room.  This is something that started in 1998, and I have just now, at the end of 2015, decided to put a rein on it.  Go me!  

The Internet as a whole is like having a vast library at my fingertips.  There's hardly any question I need to ask to which I can't find an answer.  Thanks to the World Wide Web, I have Sparkpeople to help control my eating habits.  Any news about this world of ours can be instantly accessed.  I learn what books might be worth my while to read.  I still have blogs I love that are like having a visit with next-door neighbors.  I'm keeping every bit of that.  

As long as I control Facebook, I'm good, and I believe I'm well on my way.


  1. Facebook gets us all. As for certain people that you might want to see without wading through it all, you could click to see them first on your wall

  2. I'm good at staying away from the memes and games because I don't like what apps do to my ancient computer. However, I do enjoy posting and commenting. What I try to do is STAY AWAY from political posts,especially the comments on them. I can waste a whole day fuming--can't get that time back.


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