Tuesday, December 29, 2015


We don't like changes, do we?  Everything is going along at an even keel and suddenly something changes.  It messes up our status quo, and we don't like it.  

When this happens to me, I have my moments of feeling sorry for myself.  Then I realize life is all about changes, about giving up things when the time is right.  You have to accept the fact that hanging on to things or people only stops the flow of good things to come.  I've seen that life flows past rapidly and dishes up surprises, good and bad; but if I just let go, I know it will all be what's best for me.  It always has been, so why would that change now?  

The best example, one I always come back to, is the time I got jilted by a boyfriend I was totally in love with.  He had even mentioned marriage.  I was devastated.  Life wasn't worth living.

But that started me on the path that led me to Cliff, who has been the best friend, lover, companion, and protector I could have ever found.  He is the one who has lived "this country life" with me all these years.  I don't know who else in the world would have meshed his goals and desires with mine as much as he has.  Getting dumped was the best thing that ever happened to me.

I spend thirty minutes meditating every morning; the whole purpose is to not think, just breathe, and when I'm done I feel a great vitality.  This morning, thoughts wouldn't stop coming despite my best efforts to shoo them away, but they were good and wise thoughts, so I accept that.  The "change" thing kept coming to mind, and my mantra became "let go".  In this process, during my highly "unsuccessful" meditation time, a lot of things came together for me.  

I decided to let go of the Christmas tree for this season.  It has served its purpose for this year and is shedding needles rapidly.  

I am letting go of a few things that are bad for my body and mind.  

I won't let go of the past.  I will take out my precious memories like the jewels that they are, caress them and enjoy them, then put them away again so that they don't take my focus off today and the surprises it might bring.  

See what wonderful things happen when you meditate?  It's going to be a good day.


  1. Anonymous8:11 AM

    First time I read your blog in months. I'm glad you posted it on facebook. Now I can keep up with you again.

  2. When I taught, one of our works shops was creating a mantra for ourselves.

    Mine was "do no harm". My thought was if I could not help a child at least I
    should not worsen their situation. No many appreciated it as to them it said
    I was satisfied to take no action and let the world pass by. I ma still living
    the same mantra today. I just watch the world out the window of myself and
    think "oh, well, there goes...."

    The reason I like your blog Donna is...you are not of the world. Fleet and I
    aren't either. That is what brought Patsy to your door step. I like to look
    through your window and see what calamities are occurring. I just think..."oh,

    I wish 2016 will have lots of GREAT adventures for you and Clifton. I hope you
    get to go places you want to do and see things you want to see and do things
    you want to do.

  3. I read back over this Donna and it does not make much sense.
    But, I thought, "oh, well, Donna will get my gist".

    I love the poetry book!

  4. Good messages here about letting go, yet not ridding ourselves of our precious memories. They are all I have of several members of my family. Change is always hard to accept and make the best of.

  5. Good post and good attitude you have ! Happy New Year !


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