Tuesday, October 29, 2013

This is where it gets tricky

For ten months Cliff and I have first lost, then maintained, our weight.  My present goal is to stay below 145; his is to stay below 220.  I went about a half-pound over mine during the weekend and so did he, but the next day we were back where we were supposed to be.  

And now, starting with Halloween, the real war begins.  Actually, since Cliff is retired, Halloween isn't so much a problem, because we don't have trick-or-treaters out here and don't have to buy candy.  It used to spell trouble for Cliff because co-workers brought candy in all the time, but that problem was actually year-around:  I could cook properly at home every day, but his will-power isn't strong enough to make him refuse sweets from other people if I'm not there to see it.  

Anyway.  Last week at our tractor club meeting (where sugary snacks are always served) they mentioned that the annual holiday dinner would be Sunday (last).  Everybody was to bring a dish and join in the festivities.  Cliff suggested I take my Old Settler's Beans, which are always a big hit.  
"Cliff," I said, "We simply cannot go to every big holiday dinner that we're invited to.  I'll be cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the family next month, and that one day alone could set us back ten pounds.  We can't avoid that meal, but we can refuse invites to some of the others."  

If you attend Church, they are probably going to have a holiday dinner.  Various fundraisers in our little town are having dinners of all kinds.  The wonderful monthly breakfast buffet at the American Legion hall is coming up Saturday.  We were invited to the grandson's girl friend's parents' house for dinner this coming Sunday evening.  It's always like that, this time of year, and it accelerates after Thanksgiving.  After all, with Christmas approaching it's time to make fruit cake and fudge and hot cheese dips and...  

Yeah.  We've been successful with our goals this year, but we still don't have the kind of will power it would take to go to all these functions and make wise choices.  We'll pass on most of them.  So much for any social life.    


Adirondackcountrygal said...

maybe eat something healthy before you go so you won't be so hungry when you get there?

ingasmile said...

It can be difficult to resist all those temptations. But there are ways to avoid the pitfalls. Eat before attending certain functions, drink a glass of water before eating or carry a glass of water around while you socialize so you don't pick up other items.

I definitely think it is harder for the men to resist temptations. But I would also hate missing out on fun social events.

I would rather be fit than fat. That is my mantra when I am at functions. Watching other people gorge themselves bothers me these days. I don't understand when I see already obese people going crazy over treats they can have any time.

You have said many times that the food you make at home is better than most you eat out. One of my other rules for myself is I won't eat anything from a grocery store bakery. Cakes, cookies, etc. They just aren't good enough to justify the extra calories. I would rather have homemade if I am going to splurge.

Jon said...

Every once in awhile we have to INDULGE.

I bought a big bag of Halloween candy, and I'll be damned if any trick or treaters are going to get it.


I'm with Jon on this one. Indulgence is sweet reward for being too good.

Margaret said...

I get it completely; you both have worked hard for this and it's important for your health, especially Cliff's. (with the heart stuff) I would skip too, or have a salad before going to cut down on my appetite.