Tuesday, August 23, 2011


In our efforts to cut spending, Cliff and I went to Aldi's today.  Now, I'm not all that familiar with the place, but I've been in there enough to know their stuff is cheaper than Walmart's house brands.  We got a lot of stuff and spent only $41.  
Because their coffee is half the price of what I usually buy, I decided to try it.  Don't do that; it isn't good.  It doesn't even have that wonderful coffee smell you expect when you open the can.  However, there's a fairly worthless store in Lexington called "Save-a-Lot" that has wonderful coffee.  I don't know what the price is like, but I know it's cheaper than the 8 O'clock coffee I love so much, and it's almost as good.  I tasted it when we were visiting Cliff's cousin, Edna.  
We used to get name-brand bread.  Since Cliff retired, I've been buying Walmart's brand.  Today I bought a loaf of bread at Aldi's; it will be the last bread I buy there; it seemed like week-old bread.  Now, we don't use a lot of bread, so we keep it in the freezer and I get out what we need for immediate use.  But I don't like putting stale bread in the freezer!  
Speaking of saving money:  In spite of the record-high temperatures all through the month of July, our electric bills have gone down.  Yippee!  I'm only doing two things differently:  I seldom use the dishwasher, and I hang clothes on the line whenever possible rather than using the electric dryer.  
Cliff and I are expecting friends this evening.  Celeste and Pat, from Georgia, are riding their motorcycles across country, and they plan to spend tonight here.  I became acquainted with Celeste through her blog on AOL Journals, and one time on the way home from visiting our son in Georgia, we met the couple briefly.  Celeste seldom blogs these days, but we are Facebook friends.  Celeste had a broken clutch cable on her bike about the same time they crossed into Missouri, so that will delay their arrival somewhat.  They are, however, on the road again.
I visited my orthopedist today for a followup, just to make sure things are going OK.  X-rays looked fine, she said.  I told her my knee still swells often, but that it doesn't hinder me from doing anything I want to do.  I'll see her again in six months.  


kcmeesha said...

I made a mistake of buying coffee at Aldi once before. I usually buy chocolate and sweets, many of them are imported; canned fruit - peaches, pears, cocktail, although the prices went up;sometimes fruit or vegetables and salads; things that catch my eye, especially their German-made stuff- sausages, frozen cakes, Mexican-style ice-cream bars, more candy or cookies around Christmas. Never - meat, bread, fish, pre-cooked items. I go about once a month or month and a half.

Margaret said...

Certain things I won't go cheap on and coffee is one of them!! As a PacNW person, I'm very picky about my java. :)

Lindie said...

I am not impressed by what I have bought at Aldi. And their fresh food section is that fresh. At least at the Belton store. I have found $1.00 chunk ham (over by the tuna)at Dollar General and I add some pickle relish and a hard boiled egg and some mayo (my case light miracle whip)some onion for a very good ham salad sandwich. (I use dinner rolls actually)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm surprised that your bread was stale. I've bought bread there often and it's always good. They have a nice selection of different kinds too. Glad all is going well with the knee. That is great news!

Toon said...

A little piece of your soul dies every time you step inside Aldis. I don't go in there, but the spouse does.


I went to Aldi's yesterday too. I bought some havarti cheese with dill, green and black olives and a small bag of Werthers Original. Deals were good. Don't know how they taste, though. Sorry to hear about your bread and coffee. I guess you should stick with what you know.

Hollie said...

Woo-Hoo! That's great that your electric bill went down! Glad your knee is doing well also! Have a great visit with your friends!

Midlife Mom said...

We have a Save-A-Lot right down the road from us but I don't drink coffee so have never tried it there. They have some pretty good prices on most things. I have been trying to use coupons too but just don't have the time or inclination to put 20 hours a week into it like the people on television!

Glad your electric bill went down!!! Yay! We've had such hot weather this summer and with all the construction people using electric saws and all I hate to even open the bill!!!!!!

Did you see the tractor I posted a couple posts back? I have no idea what kind it is.

Nancy said...

Do you know what brand name that Save-A-Lot coffee has on it? Unfortunately, Save-A-Lot is the ONLY grocery store that is truly on my way home from work and I tend to stop there for last minute things. One thing I really like there is that they'll get a load of name brand stuff and it'll be half the price or less than the regular grocery store. I bought huge boxes of honey nut cheerios this summer for $2.50 a box (they're $3.68 at WalMart and $5.40 at Price Chopper!). They also had these big bottles of Red Gold ketchup for $1 apiece--I stocked up on those--we use a lot of ketchup. I do an Aldi's stop too every few weeks. I like to buy my milk and eggs there because they're always a lot cheaper. They also have some canned chicken breast that I like to make into chicken salad. However, I won't buy meat anywhere but my regular little Cosentino's grocery store. I know it's higher than WalMart or Price Chopper, but I'm never disappointed.