Wednesday, July 08, 2009

So, I guess I'm really OLD now

Don't bother telling me age is only a state of mind. I know there's some truth to it, and I believe I manage to have about as much fun as anybody I know. But there are so many things telling me that, yes, I am old.

Medicare, for instance. I still have my husband's insurance where he works, and I also have Medicare Plus (which actually pays better on some things than Cliff's insurance). Today I went for my free welcome-to-Medicare checkup. The nice folks in my doctor's office were totally confused: They didn't know what to do, since I had both. The lady up front finally said, "I'll send it in to both and see what happens."

Another thing that made me realize I am indeed a senior citizen is the fact that my grandma was sixty-five when I was seven years old. I thought she was incredibly old! I recall one time checking out the life line on her palm, and finding it to be a relatively short one. I laughed and told her that couldn't possibly be right, because she already had a long life!

And here I am, sixty-five years old.

There's also the nagging knee pain that sometimes makes me feel very fragile. The knees only hurt when I'm standing or walking, though. Sitting or laying in bed, I am totally pain-free.

So, how did my checkup turn out? So far, so good. I have great bone density. Yay for me. I wasn't surprised to learn that I have high blood pressure; I had noticed it creeping up, the past few months, although that top number of 180 did shock me. Now I get to start taking pills for that. I'm crossing my fingers that the blood test results won't reveal any cholesterol problems, or diabetes. My mom had late-onset diabetes, but none of her siblings did, nor any of my dad's siblings.

Take a look at the name-my-calf contest. My son-in-law's choice, Sir Loin, is in the lead!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I am older than you so I guess I'm really old now too! My knee that bothers me is the same most of the time pain free sitting and lying down but not always. I've learned not to aggrivate it. But you know deep inside where no one sees, I'm still the same me. I feel in my mind so different than the body on the outside says I am. Does that make sense? Young in heart and mind is what I guess I am. I have wrinkles on my skin but not inside.
I think you're probably the same.
'On Ya'-ma

Jon said...

Happy birthday, Donna! Anyone who says age is merely a state of mind is full of crap. I've been on a downward spiral ever since I hit forty - and I'll never reveal how long ago that was! Your photos make me homesick for the beautiful Missouri Ozarks!

Helen said...

Hope you had a great Birthday. Your health checkup wasn't to bad. I voted for Rambler on your calf contest because he rambled off to start with and got himself in that deep ravine. He is looking pretty. Helen

Midlife Mom said...

I'm on so many meds that it makes me sick! Every one of them has weight gain as a side effect. Bleck!!! (I use that as an excuse for my over eating.) :o( Have you considered knee replacement? My SIL had it done and can run up and down stairs to beat the band now and she is about your age.

I know what you mean about the darned ole bugs. With all the rain we have had here over the last month or so it is really buggy. I go through bug spray really fast and the darned stuff is so expensive. I like hearing Blue's hoofs as he walks along.

Glad you had a nice birthday and Cliff got you the tractor thingys that you wanted. He's a keeper!

Anne said...

Donna, Medicare needs to be filed first. It puzzles me why anybody who actually works in a DRS office doesn't know the basics. Anne