Friday, July 31, 2009

I feel much better

It's wonderful what a good nights rest will do.

I'm already making plans for next year's garden, can you believe it?

Cliff discovered while surfing the Net (yes, he does that nowadays... a lot!) that there are actually better kinds of sweet corn that our usual peaches-and-cream. Bodacious gets rave reviews, and supposedly doesn't blow down so easily in high winds. I'll be trying it next year, although I will not be planting huge quantities. Just enough in several small plantings so we have some for the table, fresh.

I planted three hills of butternut squash this year, and they've literally taken over half the garden. I'll either just plant one hill next year, or perhaps not even plant any; Rasa Orchard, where we buy our apples in the fall, usually has butternut squash for fifty to seventy-five cents each. Although for some reason, last year they didn't have any.

Next year I must remember to put cages on my sweet pepper plants. Strong winds blow them down, and the peppers are so heavy they cause the plants to break off.

One eggplant isn't enough. Next year I'll put out two.

And I want to get back into herbs.

I'm sure I'll be adding to this list, but that's it for now.


Lindie said...

Have you found any sites with Heritage seeds? I like the old tomatoes, I think their skin is thinner and I can't eat todays thicker skin and have to peel every tomato.

Paula said...

That is true a nice rest will do wonders. Sounds like you have big plans for the next garden.

Sugar said...

i'vve enjoyed reading about your gardening & canning, brought back memories of my gmother & mother when i was small. i did some gardening, but not a lot, & never got into canning.
have a good wkend.