Thursday, July 09, 2009

For those who enjoy country things

There are some blogs over on my sidebar that I don't believe I've featured in an entry here, and they deserve special mention. They're not much like me, really (who is?), but I have common ground with all of them. They are country. They garden. I'm familiar with the animals they write about because I've had all those critters in the past: broody hens, butcher hogs, goats, turkeys, cows.

So although we're very different personalities, we do like our country lives. If you like flowers and baby chicks, kittens and goats... you will enjoy these folks.

There's April, of Coal Creek Farm; I first discovered her by following a link on her sister's blog; April's husband is cute as a bug's ear... but much taller. She and her sister have had the pleasure of meeting Pioneer Woman and staying at her guest house; can you imagine? To me, that would be like meeting royalty.

Then there's Homesteading Neophyte. I follow her struggles knowing exactly what it's like to barely make ends meet; to try and keep one's head above water at high tide; to tie a knot and hold on, when you're at the end of your rope. She and her husband enjoy riding their motorcycle, so that's something else we have in common.

If you enjoy reading about chickens and flowers and don't mind a little left-leaning politics (I don't), there's a lady named Patsy down in my favorite motorcycle-riding state, Arkansas; she posts almost daily in My Life and Times.

If you like country things, you won't be sorry you checked out these blogs. It's why I follow them.


Midlife Mom said...

I wonder how one gets to visit Pioneer Woman? That would be a hoot!

Loved the light bulb changing jokes, some hit the nail right on the head! hahaha! I'm going to send them to our church secretary!

Kelly said...

Yep you turned me on to Patsy's blog quite a while back. I enjoy reading up on whats going on with her a lot, so thanks for linking me to her. :) I will check out the others you mentioned too, you have great taste in blogs for sure. I bet I will like them just as much.