Sunday, July 08, 2007

Seen on a road trip

Cliff and I went on an overnight camping trip on our motorcycle and saw this deer as we left the park heading home.The deer bounds away...
crosses the road...

And disappears in the timber. Click to see more detail... that deer appears to be flying, in this picture.

While we were in the vicinity, we also visited the John J. Pershing boyhood home, in Laclede, Missouri. He's the only person ever to become a six-star general... unless you count George Washington, who received that sixth star posthumously in 1976.

The house in the background is his boyhood home.

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Bookncoffee said...

Hi there. I like this journal and have saved it on my favorites til I get it loaded in "My AOL" feeds. Enjoy the pictures you share ALWAYS that give us a glimpse into your life. I loved the dog video of Sadie and the little dog chasing her. LOL.