Friday, June 03, 2016


I don't know when Cliff and I first realized we could read one another's minds.  When it began, it only happened occasionally.  We figured it was some sort of coincidence if one of us would starting talking about something and it would turn out to be the same thing the other was thinking.  

These days it's a common occurrence that we've learned to accept as normal.  

It often has to do with food:  I get up two or three hours before Cliff in the morning.  Most often we have cereal and fruit for breakfast, not because it's our preference, but it seems the easiest way to control our calorie intake.  And yes, because the cleanup is easy.  Once in awhile, though, while Cliff is still in bed, I'll take a notion to treat him with bacon and eggs or, more rarely, biscuits and gravy.  Sometimes I'll make muffins; we'll each eat two and then I freeze the rest for another day.

At least three-fourths of the time, when I tell Cliff what we're having for breakfast, he'll say, "You ain't gonna believe this..." and tell me that was exactly what he was wishing for as he was lying in bed.  

Sometimes I'll be craving something that can only be gotten if we eat out.  Many, many times he "feels the vibes" and asks if I'm wanting to go someplace to eat.  

After breakfast this morning Cliff went to the shop and stayed there, messing with his latest tractor project.  Now, I should first tell you that our vacation has ruined me:  I have had very little desire to cook anything lately.  I guess I got used to having everything done for me, as well as having new, interesting things to do all the time.  However, I have plugged along, and we've had regular meals.  

Soon after my husband left the house, I began to wonder what Bates City Cafe was going to be serving for lunch.  I tried to shoo the thought away, but it just didn't work.  Finally I went to the cafe's Facebook page and, in a comment to something the proprietor had said earlier, asked, "What's for lunch?"

Usually they answer Facebook inquiries within the hour, but not this time.  We eat at noon every day, because that way when Cliff is outside, he knows when to come in for dinner (that's lunch, for you city folks).  Having received no answer from the cafe by 10:30, I decided I may as well get on the ball and fix something easy.  I opened a couple cans of green beans, cut up a smallish onion into them, added 1/2 of the kielbasa in a package, sliced into bite-size pieces, and slipped in a teaspoon of bacon grease for good measure.  Because there's nothing easier than a potato baked in the microwave, I chose that as a side.  Seemed like a pretty lame dinner.  However, I had been moving a quart of frozen peaches aside every time I went digging around in the freezer lately, and I decided to put them to good use in a peach cobbler.  Now THAT made it appear (and smell) as though I had been slaving away all morning, and a cobbler is pretty simple to make.  

That was dinner, and a mighty tasty one it was.  When Cliff came in, he saw the meal I had prepared and said, "Huh, that's funny.  I had the strangest feeling you were going to be coming out to the shop telling me you wanted to go someplace to eat.  I guess I was wrong."

I smiled and told him he was right on target, that I had been thinking about Bates City Cafe.  However, since they never answered my query, I just went ahead and cooked.

"That's exactly the place I was thinking about!" he said.  

"Oh well, it's their loss," I replied.

Besides, on Friday nights they have a fried catfish special. 



Fried catfish sounds mighty good to me. But it's a bit too far to drive from here. pretty neat how you and Cliff read each others minds.

Margaret said...

I love catfish, but your dinner sounds delicious too. :) Patt could ALWAYS tell if something was wrong, as good an actress as I am. He would badger me until I told him.