Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Yes, I've been busy

Cliff and I wanted to go to Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, for the Old Settler's Reunion.  Trouble is, we no longer have a camper, and motels for fifty miles around are usually booked months ahead for the event.  I mentioned that we could buy another tent, but neither Cliff or I wanted to do that.  I started calling motels, just in case somebody might have cancelled at the last minute.  Imagine my surprise when the second motel I called had one room available:  It was $119, and had a Jacuzzi tub.  That's more than I like to pay for a motel, but I knew it was our only chance, so I grabbed it.  
I usually read a book aloud, on a road trip, to keep Cliff awake and to make the time pass faster for both of us, but this time I checked out some audio books from the library.  Although we neither one liked the way the first book, one of the Spenser series, was written (too many "he saids" and "she saids") , it did help pass the time and we followed it through to the very predictable ending.  The book we started on the way home was much better, but we'll never finish it unless we go on some spur-of-the-minute road trip between now and September 13.  

Drilling a well

Cliff found lots of junk useful items for sale.  

While he looked at useful items, I went for a train ride.  You'll find a Youtube video HERE, but I should have had my Ipad turned the other way when I made the video.  
It was 104 degrees at the hottest part of the day, which took some of the pleasure out of things, but we enjoyed ourselves anyhow, and a couple of nights away from home are always fun.  I may share more pictures in another entry.  

There are some changes coming to our vast estate in the near future:  Cliff's sister, who has lived in our old house for over five years and taken excellent care of it, has bought her own place and will be moving in a couple of weeks.  She is very excited, and we are happy for her.  However, we're not sure what our next move will be.  We're not fond of the idea of renting the house out to strangers.  Been there, done that.  It's an imperfect house, and some people might not want to live there.  Although if the right person came along, we would rent it very cheaply.  What is the right person, you ask?  An old couple with no pets that doesn't throw wild parties and goes to Texas in the winter. Oh, and with no pesky grandchildren or grown children that would want to move in with them.  
Yes, we know.  That perfect rental couple doesn't exist; if they can afford to go to Texas, they don't need cheap rent or desire life in the boonies.  
The insurance company, as well as our bank, demands that somebody be living in that house.  The bank has no interest in our mobile home.  As far as they are concerned, it doesn't exist.  Cliff suggested perhaps we might rent the mobile home out, but mobile homes are built very cheaply.  They deteriorate fast enough when the owner lives in them; you can imagine how quickly they fall to ruin when occupied by most renters.  We know this from experience.  
I prefer my yard and the view where I'm living now; if we are not going to rent the old house out, we would have to move back into it.  We would lose the rental income, but we've only been getting a very tiny sum for it because of who was living there, knowing she would take care of it.  I think we could tighten our monthly budget by such a pittance.  
Some of the major problems that drove me back behind the barn have disappeared into thin air.  Not-so-desirable neighbors, the falling-down rental trailer, kids on every side partying until 4 A.M. and walking across our yard  All those things are just fast-fading memories.  I could always bring my morning coffee over here, sit on the back porch, and watch the sun come up, just as I do now.  We would, of course, turn off the electricity and drain the pipes.  The mobile home would be waiting for us if and when something else turned up, or if we changed our minds.  
We shall see what happens.  Wish us luck!  I'll keep you updated.       


Leilani Lee said...

My husband and I do the same thing when we are traveling -- I read to him when he is driving to keep him awake. A Spenser story would not be my first choice for an audio book for the very reason you pointed out -- very much dialog driven, which makes for fast "silent reading" and a good movie but not so much for reading out loud. I'm sure you and Cliff will be able to come up with a wise decision. Perhaps God will drop the perfect renter in your lap. Pray about it!


Glad you found that motel. Jacuzzi rooms are nice but there is usually not as much room in them to put your stuff.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It looks like you all had a great time but wow, the heat would not make for the most pleasant of time outdoors. I know you hate to see your next door sister in law move. Hope you can find someone nice to take her place. It would be a shame to give up all the comforts of your home and move back there. I'll be praying for a good resolution for you.