Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Busted, dusted, disgusted, and can't be trusted

I have the Woody Guthrie Library of Congress recordings, and at some point in the discussion between songs, he makes the above statement, talking about the Okie "dust bowl refugees".  He tells about the extreme drought and dust storms before he breaks into song with "I got that dust pnuemonee..." 

Woody is one of my favorite songwriters, along with Bob Dylan and Kris Kristofferson and Tom T. Hall.  And Fanny Crosby, of course.  All of those people make me want to sit down and write a song.  

With the extended drought we're having and the string of highs in the upper 90's, I'm starting to feel dusted and disgusted myself.  I'm still watering the tomatoes and peppers, but I'm letting everything else go.  Those seeds I optimistically planted for a fall garden never even came through the surface of the baked earth, except for turnips.
The weeds grow, though.  Boy, do they.  Mostly vine-y stuff like creeping jenny.  That's what my dad called it.  And some other little lacy-looking thing that is vining everywhere.  I'm ashamed of my flower bed.  
I don't recall ever having a problem with this little creeping thing, whatever it is.  

Five years ago when we moved back here behind the barn, we planted grass in the front yard.  It was beautiful the next spring, lush and green like a carpet.  Two straight years of drought have turned it into ugly weeds.  

Oh well, I'm thankful for air conditioning, which we never had at all until five years ago.  I'm loving the abundance we're getting from the garden.  There are so many things to eat at each meal, we can hardly eat it all.  And we're not tired of tomatoes yet.  


Average Jane said...

I pulled up a ton of that stuff over the weekend as well. It must have liked the recent rain.

Margaret said...

Have you read that book about the Dust Bowl? It was HORRIFYING. We read it for Book Club and I was depressed by it. We haven't had much rain this summer, but had a hefty snow pack in our mountains this winter so water is in good supply. It must be discouraging to see weeds and dry when you want lawn and plants. Still your garden has done amazingly well!!


Don't complain too much... if it wasn't for the weeds I'd have no yard or flowerbeds.

Paula said...

Mosie sounds like your area is turning in to south Texas. The last few summers have really gotten to the point it is scary. I guess it has always been this way and when I was young I didn't have sense enough to worry about it.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad to see that even in your dusty world you can still count those blessings of good food on the table and the air conditioning. I'm thankful for it too. We're having some hot days in Ohio, but thankfully no drought. Rain is in the forecast for the weekend here.

Woody said...

I love your choice of Music !!!!!

Leilani Lee said...

When I saw your blog title I thought immediately of the Mammas and Papas song which was popular back in the day and has similar words "busted, disgusted, agent's can't be trusted.." Drought has settled in down here too, but we had too much rain in July and many of the vegetables drowned. One of my favorite Woody Guthrie songs "Take me for a ride in the car car..." LOL!