Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pet chicken update

Someone on Facebook asked me how Chickie is doing in the big chicken house.  Actually, she has adapted rather nicely.  All the big chickens still chase and torment her when they get a chance, but she seldom gives them a chance.  Back when I was turning them out each afternoon, Chickie would wait until everybody else was outside and then eat and drink like crazy.  Once she had her fill, she would go outside too. 
After they got destructive with my garden, I quit turning them loose, and I was a little concerned about Chickie.  When would she get a chance to eat and drink?  
As some of you may recall, the chicken house used to be my cabin in the woods.  I had a high shelf to store things on when it was my cabin, and I didn't bother to remove it when I turned it into a poultry house.  Chickie started going up there for safety, far above the madding crowd.

She now has her own private feeder and waterer, and nobody else can fly that high.  That plaque below the shelf says "The Lord is my shepherd".  I left it there in hopes it would be good for egg production.  (I'm kidding, of course.)  

When it's time to roost for the night, she goes even higher.  A country chick can survive.  When I take rotten tomatoes to the hens, I always give her a good chunk to feast upon.  She did miss out on the clabbered milk I took out yesterday, but it was just too messy to give her a special dish of it. 

When I walked out of the chicken house this morning I happened to catch the sun coming up:
Pretty cool, eh?


Anna Novak said...

wonderful blog!!!

Hyperblogal said...

That is cool.


Chickie is a sweetie. GREAT sunrise.

Margaret said...

That Chickie is very adaptable! Love the sunrise shot.

Jon said...

I can fully identify (and sympathize) with Chickie, having been bullied myself.

I would round up all the bullies and invite them to a big, tasty chicken dinner.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Amazing chickie flying to roost in the rafters like that. Looks like it won't be long and she'll be as big as the rest of them.

Lori said...

Smart Chickie!

patsy said...

that chicken is smart.