Saturday, September 28, 2013

A tractor sold in the midst of moving

Yesterday evening a young fellow paid Cliff cash and hauled away the 1655 Oliver.  This isn't the one Cliff uses as a parade tractor, the 1855.  You can read about the purchase HERE.  He had it on Craigslist for a long time, asking $1,000 more than he gave for it.  Then he dropped the price by $500, and it still didn't generate any interest.  
Finally just the right person decided to look at it and bought it.  Cliff said he seemed very enthusiastic about his purchase.  There was little, if any, profit made on it, since Cliff put some money into it after buying it.  But he felt he had more tractors than he could properly take care of.  

The fellow who bought it told Cliff he was googling 1655 Olivers a couple days ago and ended up on my blog.  He got to find out when and where we bought the tractor, and commented that one picture had been taken in the shop with the 1855, torn down for rebuild, in the background.  So I did a search and found the picture he was talking about.  This is it.   

Cliff has advertised the 1855 on Yesterday's Tractors a few times and actually received a few calls on it, in spite of the outlandish price tag.  The callers, though, were all quite a distance away.  It would be quite an expense to haul a tractor through several states.    
There are still a few odds and ends to be moved, and one deep freeze that I think we'll keep in the garage (the one with this two-story house).  Cliff is thinking he will use the one at the mobile home for a tractor garage.  I've done some cleanup at the other house yesterday and today.  I hope to have the electricity turned off by Tuesday.  When winter approaches, we'll do what we must to keep it from freezing.  Cliff got some pointers on that from my sister, who was visiting last weekend.  She's spent winters in Texas for years, and has the process down to a science.
Last night Cliff and I both took showers here and were surprised to find the water wasn't soft.  He looked in the softener and found out it was totally empty of salt.  If the water isn't soft by Monday, we'll call Culligan to come and get things going.  We are spoiled now; we like our soft water.  We had them take away the one in the mobile home because it was easier to get to than the one the sister-in-law had here, and both were the same.  No sense in Culligan coming to get hers and then coming to put ours over at the mobile home in the same spot.

Here's an interesting thing that happened:  Travis, one of the next-door twins, happened by with a buddy to use Cliff's shop and we latched onto them to help move the refrigerator and our very heavy couch.  (You find out who your real friends are when you are moving.)  Now, I've wanted a new refrigerator for a long time.  The crisper drawers long ago fell apart on the old one, and I figured we could take it out to the shop to use when the garden is over-producing, or when I'm saving up milk to make cheese.  I'm not in the market for a big, fancy refrigerator.  I just want some crisper drawers.  Anyway.  Cliff  got the refrigerator over here, plugged it in, and it started running.  However, an hour or so later it was not running any more, and it hadn't even started getting cool.  It was about 4 P.M., and we were totally numb from all the lifting, walking, and hauling we had done; there's no way we wanted to get cleaned up and go to Sears.  I mentioned the appliance store in Odessa, which is only a few miles from us but closes at 5.  I called to see if they had a fridge small enough to fit in the place were a refrigerator has to go in this house, and the lady said yes, she had one.  However, when she described it and told me the price, it was $100 more than a similar one at Sears.  I wasn't that desperate.  
We got out the coolers.  Cliff went after ice and we put the perishables in the coolers.  As soon as we had done all this, Cliff walked past the refrigerator and said, "Hey, come here and listen:  Is this thing running?"  
It was indeed.  I was so happy to have that problem disappear.
Monday we go buy a full-size box springs and mattress, since there isn't really enough room in our bedroom for a queen-sized bed.  We already have it picked out, so all we have to do is go get it.  We've never cared for queen-size anyhow.  We spent most of our lives sleeping in a full bed, and we're both glad fate took a hand.    

Whew.  I sat down thinking I had nothing to put in my blog and got all carried away.  


ingasmile said...

Oh my! You all are busy beavers for sure. Glad the fridge started working again. I can't believe you are going to sleep in a full size bed together. That is tiny! We have a king size and that is just fine by me. We have smaller "queen" size bed in the RV (not really queen size, more like a little bit bigger than full and can't stand being that close to each other. If I turn toward my husband he breathes his hot breath right in my face. UGH! I love my husband but I need a big bed!

Margaret said...

Patt and I had a queen and it was perfect for us. I would love to see photos of the house when you are ready to share. I never knew you when you lived there(did you blog?) so I'm curious! I agree that you know your true friends when you're moving. :)


Hope the refrigerator holds out for you.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I can only imagine how tired out you are feeling right now. Moving even though you didn't have far to go is not easy. You are so right is saying you know who your friends are when moving. When I moved into this house they showed up and I was very thankful for their help and even for the food provided that day. True friends do show up when needed.

Hollie said...

I'm exhausted just reading about the move!! I know you guys are tired!! Glad the refrigerator started working. I know it's nice to be almost settled back in...

Lori said...

I hope you're able to rest up and relax a bit today! Glad the frig started up again. We had one do that one time when we moved and were told that sometimes it just takes a while for them to settle after they've been moved. I think you're actually supposed to leave them off for a number of hours after moving them before starting them up. But I don't know that for a fact.