Thursday, September 05, 2013

The garden

*UPDATE ON THE PREVIOUS ENTRY*  Grace found her way into the clover field unassisted.  I still had to lead Penny in, but she hardly fought it at all.  There is hope!  

In the most distant row, you can see carrots that hardly did anything, thanks to the drought.  One row closer, there's a spotty row of Top Crop green beans that I would have pulled up, but I think maybe I'll get a mess or two of green beans out of it; those things produce amazingly well.  Closer yet is the late row of carrots I planted in August.  Most of them came up, and I am hoping for some homegrown carrots in the next few weeks.  
On the left side of the picture, that's where the late cabbages were.  The plants did well, but the worms invaded big time.  I still managed to salvage about six heads.  They were planted from seed, so they didn't cost much.  

You are looking at a sea of sweet potato vines, Beauregard variety (with Virginia Creeper and honeysuckle mixed in).  You can't tell by the picture, but one row of these sweet potatoes takes up eighteen feet of space altogether.  I know this because I took my tape measure out and checked.  I love sweet potatoes, but imagine how many rows of something else I could have planted in that space.  Probably about six.  Maybe I won't plant sweet potatoes next year.  Of course, we do have over forty acres.  Maybe I'll just have Cliff plow up more garden space.



I LOVE sweet potatoes. You're lucky to have them.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Knowing that you love sweet potatoes I'm sure you'll find some room in your garden for them next year. I got some green beans from one of the farmers stand along the road yesterday as I love them so. I hope you get some to enjoy too. Sad to see the growing season coming to an end.