Sunday, September 22, 2013

I almost forgot my blog

We have several things going on, so my head is filled with a jumble of stuff and yet really nothing to blog about.  
We will have Baby Cora for the first time tomorrow.  Her mom is going to ease back into the working life slowly, only Monday and Wednesday this first week.  So of course, that's on my mind.  We are so ready!  
And then there's the move back to the house, which we'll get done by next Thursday, I am hoping.  Then we'll have the electricity turned off at the mobile home, probably a week from Monday.  We want to clean the place up before we close it up.  We're going to buy a large supply of mouse and rat poison, because those critters would take over an empty house if you let them.  A couple of people have asked what we intend to do with the mobile home.  I tell them we are just going to wait and see what happens.  I know this sounds strange to most folks, but it works for us.  
We are losing the $200 a month we got for rent, but the kids who rent our pasture for their horses (they are Cora's parents) are going to bring a third horse before too long.  Between that, the money saved on a phone bill, and the money I'll get for babysitting, we won't even miss the $200.  In fact, I think we will come out better than we were.  That's usually how things seem to go around here, as though Someone might be watching out for our interests.   
Cliff's sister is totally moved out.  The weekend was nice, with my sister coming for an overnight stay last night, and Cliff's younger sister and her husband in and out as they were helping Rena get ready for the movers.  

Good times!  


Paula said...

Bet Baby Cora will give you lots to write about as if you don't have already. Have fun!


Good Luck with the baby.

Margaret said...

I would love pics of the house; I'm curious! Will Cora's parents mind if you post about her? I'm excited to hear whatever stories you can share since grandchildren are looking unlikely for me. :(

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is busy times there for you. Having a baby around is nothing but pure pleasure. I have always loved the times I've been able to help out and watch some of my grandchildren. At least being right there next door to where you are moving will give you plenty of time to do it without being under any pressure. Take it slow and try not to overdo things.

patsy said...

ok, I figured out about cut and paste and small print, there 2 setting on my post one is html and the other is compose ,if your setting is html you will get small print when cutting and paste so set your post to compose and you will not get small print when pasteing.

Lori said...

I love that things seem to work out like that for you. You are "good people" and deserve things to go right.