Thursday, September 19, 2013

For someone named Tina

You asked my daughter to relay a message to me because, like so many other readers, you can't leave comments here.  You wondered if Kelly from Georgia was still blogging. 

Well, I think her blog still is there, but she hasn't done entries for a long time.  I wish she would, because I follow her on Facebook, and wow, the changes she has made since she was blogging you would not believe.  She still has some chickens, but they are no longer her number one priority.  If you are on Facebook, you can follow her as Kelly Lindsey Corley. 

She has become my inspiration.  She has a remarkable story to tell.



Margaret said...

Are people still having trouble leaving comments? I have to open comments in a new window to be able to do so, otherwise it's a no go.

Jon said...

I think I remember Kelly's blog. Unfortunately I'm no longer on Facebook.
I've been blacklisted......

KellyGa said...

HEY JON! Oh my gosh its been forever! Come on now, you can get around old Facebooks rules ;) Maybe I should blog again. My life is so different now, and it is still changing. Maybe I should. Everyone says I should write a book, but my mind is too disjointed and chaotic to be organized enough to put a book together.