Friday, September 27, 2013


Yes, there are many changes going on around here lately.  Cliff sold the 1655 Oliver, and I will address that later.  We're mostly moved back into the old house that built my children, who were ages six and eight when we bought the place.  
But there is Iris.  Poor Iris was so confused when we got half of our furniture moved into what she considered to be Angel's house, Angel being Cliff's sister's mini-dachshund.  Little by little she has figured out that we are going to live here.  After all, the stuff she knows is ours is all here:  Her bed is here, and her dog food dish.  She's decided to live with us, wherever we go.  

Iris sheds a lot, and one of her worst habits was rolling over on her back on our carpet, rubbing it to and fro on the carpet, and then getting up and shaking in such a way that hair goes everywhere.  When we started moving here, I suggested to Cliff that we keep her off the carpeted rooms (the living room and the bedroom).  This means she lives in the kitchen (because everybody wants dog hair in their kitchen, right?), the hallway, and the bathroom.  
Iris may be a basket case in many ways, but after less than 24 hours she has figured out that she isn't supposed to be in the carpeted rooms.  Oh, she has forgotten a couple of times, and once she deliberately tried to tippie-toe into the living room; but when either of us tell her no, she quickly backtracks.  

She actually seems calmer than we've ever seen her.  Maybe we should have given her boundaries long ago, but of course, had we limited her to non-carpeted areas at the mobile home, she would only have had the tiny kitchen.  And there really wasn't room for a dog bed in that kitchen.  

Meanwhile, Iris bids my readers a sweet good night from the kitchen of the old house on Woodhaven Acres.


Margaret said...

Glad that everyone is settling in!!


Poor Iris. It'll take her a while to figure it all out. Good night sweetie.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That would be a big change for one who's had the run of the place for awhile. Glad she is adapting so well. I've been thinking about you all and the move you are making. Hope you all settle in as well as Iris did.

Lori said...

I'm glad she's settling in.