Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Still missing her mom, 36 hours later

Jenny bawled pretty much non-stop yesterday and, as far as I know, all night long last night.  Right now there is silence, so she must have gotten hungry enough to graze.  

On the plus side, Miss Jenny has always been a bit of a touch-me-not.  Who needs humans when you have your mom to take care of you, right?  Well, now she lets me pet her, rub her back, and scratch her neck.  She has never cared much for grain.  This morning after shooting this video, she actually ate the sweet feed I served her.  We might end up best friends.    

I told Cliff Jenny was standing at the barn door as though waiting for her mom to come out, as she did when I milked Jody.  Cliff said, "Why not let her in the barn so she can see Jody isn't there?"  
Why didn't I think of that?  The man has finally learned some things about cow psychology from me.  I opened the door back and secured it in place, and Jenny went inside and sniffed at every item in there.  When she came back out she left the barn area, rejoined the other cows, and after a few minutes, stopped her incessant bawling.  


Celeste Sanders said...

Smart man

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You may have to be a foster mom to her for awhile. It's a big adjustment to make.

Anita said...

Poor baby. She'll be fine though.

Jean said...

Poor jenny it breaks my heart, but she has you to take good care of her she will be fine.


Poor Jenny. Soon she'll get the idea.