Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I, personally, don't use aspartame.  I don't care for any of the diet sodas.  Cliff drinks quite a bit of Diet Coke.  I do use Sweet N Low in our morning oatmeal or cream of wheat, and in tea; but that's saccharin, something that's been around for years.  
You can go to Google and search for facts about Aspartame; what comes up is a bunch of witch-doctor stuff from the same kinds of people who take alfalfa pills and such... people who are usually among the sickest I know, by the way, always having headaches and other problems.  So I've ignored the criticism of aspartame  until lately, until someone I know had a personal experience.  
When I say "a person I know", I'll tell you I have never met her in person, but I've known her online for years.  Kelly lives in Georgia, and she's had a personal experience with aspartame.  This morning I asked her on Facebook to summarize her experience with the product so I could blog about it.  Here's what she had to say:  

I drank a lot of drinks with aspertame in them. For months I had what I thought was stomach pains off and on. Especially right after I would eat, it would get bad. Once the pain started I had to lay down or it would get worse, and sometimes it got worse anyway. I would take pain killers to try and make it subside. (Ibuprofin, etc) Usually it won out and I would go down for days. I couldnt do anything from the pain. Shelby and Ian had to fend for themselves and the chickens and animals had to be cared for best they could by Ian and Shelby. I went to visit a friend in Alabama and it got so bad there I waited until daylight and then drove home moaning and in miserable abdomina pain. Once I got home I laid down. By 10:30 that night I told Ian I couldn't take the pain anymore to take me to the hospital. Once we got to the hospital and I was checked out, they took a blood sample of course and came back and said Mrs. Corley do you know you have diabetes? I was floored. They set up for me to have an ultrasound done of my liver. As I waited they gave me an IV of morphine to help with the pain. After the ultrasound the findings were in fact lesions on my liver. Lesions on my liver had caused my pancreas to stop functioning properly and processing sugars, thus the diabetes. I went to a diabetes specialist doctor and ended up on shots, checking blood levels, the whole nine yards. I was told I had Type 2 diabetes and I would have it the rest of my life. I began to take natural supplements to help heal my liver, as the liver is a regenerative organ. One day I took my morning shot and just about went down on the floor. I rushed to the kitchen and shoved a couple of granola bars in my mouth and laid down. Within 15 minutes I felt better. From that day forward I checked my blood sugar regularly for months and it was normal. I never took another shot. I also never went back to the doctor because they lie and they dont always know what they are doing. I did the right things to heal my body and eat the right foods and drink the right things and here I sit today.

As a side note, after I left the hospital, even after I was diagnosed with diabetes, I was sent to a gastrologist (gastrointestinal doc?) and I think to this day he just wanted to do a bunch of stuff to me because I had good insurance. He asked me questions like do you have acid reflux. No, I do not. Do you have ulcers? No, I do not. He wanted to send me to the hospital to have a biopsy done on my liver, which would have required a 48 hour stay, and a painful procedure. He also wanted to run a camera down my throat and into my stomach just to 'check' and be sure. Wait. We already established it was my LIVER and it was not anything to do with my stomach?? I know some people trust docs to do whatever to them, but I said NO. I walked out, and guess what? I didnt die! I am still here! Amazing isnt it?  I knew what had caused it. It was the aspertame in the drinks. I stopped that, never touched anything with it in it again, and my liver healed itself.

Ian (Kelly's husband) has a coworker that actually has been told by his doctor that he has cancer because he drank so many Diet Cokes with aspertame in it for so long. Why it is still allowed is beyond me.

Sorry about the way the fonts change in this entry.  Every time I try to copy and paste something to my blog from Facebook, I mess it up in some way.


Celeste Sanders said...

I remember when they took saccharin off the market because it caused cancer.
I hate the taste of aspartame. Nasty!

I use Splenda(generic from Aida) or sugar if not available.

I quit drinking sodas a while back. Every once in a while I will have a Sprite.

krueth said...

Oh my goodness, I cannot drink diet pop either, My heart about jumps out of my chest when I do have some! I really miss a good cold Diet Coke but have discovered that Diet Rite Cola is made with Splenda as is Pepsi One, so I can have a can of that when I really, really need one :-) which is not often at all. Glad your on line friend figured it out. Wendy

Lori said...

Scary! I have never liked the taste of any sugar substitute, so I was never lured into drinking diet sodas of any kind. My personal philosophy has always been that if it means so much to me to stay away from sugar, I'd rather just drink water (or unsweetened tea or coffee) than to use a sugar substitute. And it always seems strange to me to see someone eating fattening, unhealthy burgers and fries with a "diet" soda. Just doesn't make sense.


I was in a test market for aspartame years ago and never had a problem with it except weight gain. Scary what your friend went through.