Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Another Internet friend and her experience with Diet Coke

This from a longtime Canadian reader:

Hi Donna,
I will tell you my experience with Diet Coke and aspartame.  For years I drank diet coke,  probably a can a day and more on weekends, without any side effects.  I too used to have terrible stomach pains, bloating, etc. after eating but never thought anything of it.  Then I started to get really achy joints,  especially my knees,  it felt like I had fluid around my knee joints and it was difficult to get up from a kneeling or even a sitting position. About this time I read/heard about side effects from aspartame and one of those being stiff joints, so I decided to quit diet coke. Wow,  not an easy thing to do,  that stuff is really addictive. Most people would say it's the caffeine in the drink,  but I was still drinking lots of coffee,  so that wasn't it.
Long story short,  without diet coke in my life,  the stomach pains and the stiffness and pain in my knees went away.  Never thought about the damage it was doing to my organs.
I went without diet coke for years and then like most addicts I gave in  one day when I was craving a soda and had one.  I love the taste of Diet Coke,  not pepsi or any other drink,  just diet coke.  A Diet Coke once a week when I went for groceries turned into more, especially during hot summer months.   I was on the train again, and soon the knee stiffness and pain returned.  I am once again weaning myself off of Diet Coke, .    Fortunately,  since I only get to town once a week,  it is easier to keep it out of the house but I still have trouble passing it up in the soda aisle.
I think the chemicals build up in your system over time and that's when the problems arise.
I also used to use Splenda as a sweetener but have given that up as well.
Maybe some people can drink this stuff without side effects but I can't.
Will be interested to see the comments on your blog.

Another thing I've noticed, and Cliff, the hard-core Diet Coke drinker (he does try to hold it down to one or two a day) agrees:  There seems to be something addictive about Diet Coke, whether it's the aspartame or something else.  People who drink Diet Coke seem to go around with a can in their hands all the time.   

Just so you know, when I drink pop, it's Pepsi Throwback, because I like the taste.  I buy a twelve-pack and it lasts one to two months.  Usually the 12-ounce can is more than I want and I pour some of it down the drain.  

If any of you have had a similar experience, email me and I might share your story here.  No, this is not going to become an anti-Coke blog.  I'll get back to the chickens and cows tomorrow.


Rita Mosquita said...

I am really not much of a soda drinker. I was really not allowed soda growing up, even on special occasions. We never had it in the house. When I do have the occasional soda, for a long time it was diet. More so lately it is Zevia made with stevia (which I have found out is not processed in a way that makes it desirable for us to consume). I tend to drink more sodas in the summer. Heat can zap me of energy and I am not sure why soda seems to be the only cure. Emergen-C doesn't really do it. In the last year, I am having more joint pain and have been trying to identify why and the source. This may be it.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I'm addicted to Pepsi, but with sugar. I've been trying very hard to only have 1 or 2 cans a day. My kids drink the diet sodas all day long and I've read how bad the aspartame is for us. My daughter frequently has stomach aches and headaches and I'd bet the aspartame is the cause for most of it. I'll copy/paste the testimonies from yesterday and today and send to them. Thanks for sharing this info!

Lori said...

When I want a soda, it's always Pepsi. But I'm more of an iced-tea addict. lol Thomas has to have one can of Pepsi first thing in the morning or he gets a headache. He used to drink coffee in the morning just so he wouldn't get a headache, but then it started hurting his stomach too much, and he found that Pepsi would work as well. But I can go for ages without any soft drink at all.

Hollie said...

Wow, very interesting!!

Margaret said...

I like Diet Coke, but prefer Cascade Ice or Crystal Light(CI with sucralose and CL aspartame) of various flavors. (lots to choose from) What upsets my stomach is the carbonation, not the product.


I do not drink soda at all.