Monday, September 09, 2013

Goodbye, Jody

We waited as long as we could today to take Jody to the butcher shop.  At 3:30 I went back on "the point" where the cows were lying in the shade.  I put a halter on her, attached the lead rope, and made her get up.  She followed me just like a dog would follow.  The phrase "like a lamb to the slaughter" came to mind (Isaiah 53:7).  We had very little problem getting her in the stock trailer, which makes me feel good.  I don't like animals that are heading to the butcher shop to get upset in any way.    

As I was leading Jody from the back of the pasture I thanked her for being such a good pet when she was small; for being such an easy cow to milk, never kicking or messing in the barn while I was milking; and for presenting me with a beautiful heifer calf.  I also thanked her for the meat we'll be putting in our freezer.  She has fulfilled her purpose on earth in many ways.  Isn't that what life is about?  

People always tell me they could never eat meat from an animal they raised, but I have no problem with that.  Oh, I'm teary-eyed right now, but I would rather eat the meat of an animal that I know had a wonderful, happy life than to eat meat of cattle that are so cruelly treated in a slaughter-house.  

Jody weighed a little over 1,000 pounds.  Dairy animals butcher out at about 50%, so that's around 500 pounds of beef, mostly ground.  The oldest grandson and Heather are paying for the processing at the butcher shop, and for that they get half the meat.  

I chose not to put any pictures of Jody in this entry.  If you want to see pictures of her, just type "Jody" in the search feature at the upper left-hand corner of my blog.  Many entries, with pictures, will come up.


Margaret said...

So many stories of Jody!! I enjoyed reading about her. As you know, my husband grew up on a small farm and they named all their animals, but also had them butchered(or killed them in the case of the chickens); they used to talk about it, "Oh, "Jody" tastes so good!" They enjoyed having the animals but couldn't afford to be sentimental or they wouldn't eat.

ingasmile said...

You all gave her a great life. I sure would have hated to see her limp through another winter if her bum leg started bothering her again. Death is part of life.


Death is inevitable. I'm glad Jody was good to you and for you.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Jody did provide a lot of wonderful stories in your blog and now will provide plenty of good meals on your table. I'd say she was more than a good investment.

Lori said...

Good post, Donna.

Melody Elliott-Koontz said...

I got teary reading it..not vegan, no worries. I am glad Jody was so revered.

Anita said...

As I was reading your current post, I knew there would be one that talked about Jody, and here it is.

It's a little sad, but as you said, that's life.

As a person whe eats meat, I understand.