Wednesday, January 16, 2013

We met the new neighbor

We were finishing up with our walk in the pasture, and the new neighbor was burning lumber from the two dormers they've removed, one on the back side facing us, and one on the front of the house.  He made his way across the fence and came toward us.  Cliff stepped over our electric fence and met him halfway.  You won't see me stepping over any electric fence that's turned on, so I came back to the house.  
I saw enough of him to get the impression he was a cordial young fellow, probably no older than our oldest grandson.  He's a farmer.  He even rents farm ground from a retired fellow just up the road from us.  
He told Cliff he plans to fill in the basement where the old house that burned was located.  They're going to landscape the place and make it look nice.  
And now for the icing on the cake:  He's in Cliff's tractor club.  We didn't recognize him, but he knew us.  "You're the one," he said to Cliff, "with the 1855 Oliver."  

That isn't him, but it's one of his classic tractors.  I took this picture at the tractor cruise.
Go back to the entry I did a couple of days ago and you can read what I said about this situation:
" will be nice to have people there who will tend to their yard and fences.  I'm sure these folks will, because they have done so much  already.  Who knows, when the time comes for us to sell this place, they may be the ones to buy it.  Life's funny like that, and I have seen stranger things happen.  Throughout my life I have watched things fall naturally into place, as though Someone were orchestrating the whole thing to make it work out for my benefit."  

Sometimes I feel as though I am God's favorite child.


Andrea said...

::thumbs up::


Jon said...

I hope your new neighbor doesn't get zapped with the electric fence.

Wow! Would I ever love to have an electric fence to keep MY neighbors out........(Texas has turned me into a bitter, evil old man).

Margaret said...

That sounds perfect!! Another tractor fan. :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That is great news! I'm sure Cliff is glad to have someone close by that enjoys tractors too!

Hyperblogal said...

This is really good news... and much better than the hog farm... :)