Thursday, January 17, 2013

Flavored milk and assorted ramblings

Forty years ago when we were living on our first little farmette, I sold quite a bit of my raw milk; the price was a dollar a gallon.  I don't know if that was cheap or not, because I don't know how much milk cost in the store.  These days you can get in trouble for selling raw milk unless you have a certified dairy, but in the sixties, although I'm pretty sure it was illegal, the long arm of the law didn't pursue the matter.  
Wild onions (or garlic, I'm not sure which) grew plentifully in our pasture there, and it seems my cows developed a taste for it.  The only problem was, the milk my cows produced smelled like onions.  OK, not exactly like raw onions.  More like onion breath smells on somebody who has recently eaten onions.  
Smell, of course, is linked to taste.  Ewww.  
I experimented and found out that if I locked the cows in the lot for a few hours where they couldn't graze, the milk then tasted like it should.  
I've never had the onion-breath-smelling milk on this property.  But there has been a problem with "grassy" tasting milk, due to the fact that we are feeding the cows alfalfa.  Alfalfa is a wonderful, protein-rich food for cows, but I like my milk to taste like MILK.  I don't sell milk, and it's just us.  We rarely drink a glass of milk:  I make cheese and butter and cottage cheese, and the grassy taste doesn't come through on those.  On days when we have cereal, I notice the off-taste, but it isn't that bad.  Nothing like onion-breath-milk, let me tell you.  I have no milk customers to worry about these days, so everything is fine.  
I have only been milking Bonnie when I notice her udder is full and tight, since her calf hasn't been able to drink all the milk she produces.  Just this week Crystal has started taking all her mom's milk, so I'm back to my old routine of putting the calf in the stall at night when I want milk, and milking Bonnie in the morning.  Then I let the calf have her share and turn them loose until next time I run out of milk.  There's no more alfalfa taste in the milk, since I don't let the cows have hay at night.  
So much for that subject.  

I'm so thankful for e-readers of all kinds.  Until I got my basic Nook, I venture to say I wasn't reading three books a year.  Once I got the hang of things and was able to check out library books from home and read them on the Nook, I rediscovered reading.  These days, the Nook is unused because I read on the Ipad, although every once in awhile Cliff uses my old device to read some book I've recommended.   
Somewhere in my web-surfing, I noticed Willie Nelson has written a book recently and went to to see if it would be worth spending my accumulated Swagbucks on (I won't pay over a buck or two for a book if I'm using actual money).    
I always read the reviews on whatever book I am considering purchasing, and the reviews on this book were terrible.  "Save your money," several people advised.  
I heeded the advice.  However, the website suggested I might like another book, one written by Waylon Jennings that had excellent feedback.  It cost $12.99, though.  I only have $10 worth of Swagbucks available.  I don't spend real money on books very often.  I checked the library; they didn't have it.  Hmmm. 
Two days later it hit me that since this book was written in 1985, there's a good chance of finding a used copy on  SCORE!  The price of the book was 75 cents, shipping was $3.99.  It is going to seem strange to read a real book again.


BlueRidge Boomer said...

I keep a few "real" books around the house to read when my Kindle is recharging...

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I too still have a few real books at my house. When I was Christmas shopping I found 3 written by some of my favorite authors for under 3.00 each at Big Lots and bought them. The price was too good to pass up. We do have a half price book store not too far away so I figure if I get enough of those real books here I'll take them in there. I did that last year with well over a 100 books that had accumulated here. I didn't get much for the lot of them, but at least they are no longer here.

Anita said...

What is that saying; something like, what goes in must come out. Your cow stories remind me of being at the pediatrician's office with my daughter when she was about a year old. I was concerned about the bottom of her feet being orange. I'm sure I don't have to tell you that it was the enormous amount of carrot baby food she was eating.

Swagbucks? This is new to me. Good for you in sticking to your routine of bargain shopping for books.

Helen said...

I remember the taste of those wild onions in milk. Used to make my granny mad when the cow ate those.

Andrea said...

I hate finding those good deals on used books... only to have to pay 4x or more on shipping. But it's still better than the new book price! Enjoy!!


Margaret said...

I've been ordering a lot for my tablet with my $100 amazon gift card; I feel like I'm getting in BAD habits. I mostly use the library for books, so I'm used to real books, although I love the tablet for traveling. I hadn't realized the differences between different diets and the taste of the milk. My husband would have known that!