Thursday, January 10, 2013

What, no new blog entry? (ramblings)

That's more or less what Cliff said this evening when he came in from the shop.  Yes, friends and neighbors, my husband has to read my blog to see what's going on in my life.  
OK, maybe not.  Maybe he just wants to see my unique perspective on life.  Whatever.  
So I said to him, "And what would I put in a blog entry?  That I didn't get out of my pajamas until 11 AM because it was rainy and we weren't able to go for our walk?  That I started reading a book that amused me, and I read all day?  Oh yeah, except for that little while when I warmed up leftovers for dinner at noon."  
Finally, at 4 PM, I decided to go for a walk in spite of the drizzle and fog.  Cliff was in the shop with the oldest grandson, who has become a rather proficient trader.  He had  a gun that he bought for $1,500 that he then traded for a motorcycle he didn't want.  So he traded the motorcycle for a Grasshopper zero-turn lawn mower (almost new) worth over $4,000 that he doesn't need for his tiny lawn, but can likely sell this spring for a tidy profit.  Anyhow, they were messing around with the mower, and since I had only burned perhaps 400 calories all day, I decided to walk.  
I made the mistake of letting Iris go along.  
Iris never actually walks WITH me.  Once we are through the gate going to the pasture, I don't see her again until after I get back to the house.  That's no problem, but when the whole world is wet after a long period without rain, Iris comes back with a dirty belly, dirty legs, and dirty tail.  
So when she came in I directed her to my bathtub and told her to get in.  She did, and stood stoically while I sprayed the filth off her.  
I did do a new little wheel of cheese this morning, but other than that... 
What can I say?  Retirement is wonderful.  
Oh, here's something.  Cliff loves the XM/Sirius radio in the shop.  It costs us around fifteen bucks a month, but honestly he does get that much pleasure out of it.  That $15 is charged to our credit card monthly.  Today we got a letter in the mail letting us know that the price is probably going to rise, but if we subscribe for a year, we save $15.  If we subscribe for two years, we save much more.  Three years would give us even more savings.  So I went to the shop and told Cliff the whole deal.  He had no idea we were paying $180 a year already ($15 monthly), but agreed it's worth it.  I told him how much we could save by paying a year, or two years, at a time.  Then I said, in the presence of our grandson, "But it's a gamble, because what if you don't live for two or three years?"  
Cliff answered, "Yeah, better make it for just a year."  
The grandson couldn't believe what he was hearing, and asked me to repeat what I said, which I did.  
Folks, we are all headed to the grave.  Since Cliff and I have reached retirement age, we are much smarter: we know we shouldn't put off anything we really want to do, because time is short.  We talk about this all the time, and it makes our lives richer.  
Unfortunately, others seem to have a problem with it and think it's morbid.  I read something today that expressed exactly how I feel about it.  You can read it HERE.  
By the way, I made the XM/Sirius subscription for two years, so Cliff had BETTER live long enough to take advantage of it.


Adirondackcountrygal said...

Yes, my motto right now is one day at a time. I'm not as old as you but after my recent bought with cancer and the odds of it returning, I am not planning to far into the future.

small farm girl said...

My Grandpa died Friday, this couldnt have been a better post. He did live his life GRAND. Thank you.

kcmeesha said...

That's exactly the reason I don't pay ahead for anything. I see dead people on the highway almost every day. It could be me. No one is keeping my money after I croak, no direct withdrawals, nothing.
I was gonna suggest setting up internet radio, but since you already paid....

Donna said...

Meesha, I use Internet radio. It wouldn't work in Cliff's shop, and I'm not sure he would understand it anyhow. Yeah, I go to sleep listening to Pandora every night.

Margaret said...

I love your attitude! It is realistic and yet optimistic too. That's the way we have to live. Appreciate what we have and our lives, but be prepared for the reality of death.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm with you! We should make the most of the time we have. None of us knows how much time we have. Young or old. I love that picture at the bottom of your post. When I camped we had woods like that around us and I loved seeing the sunlight filter through the trees. Good blog post for someone that wondered what to write about! Retirement is wonderful. I may get up early most days, but am rarely dressed before noon unless I have to be.

Melissa Wiggins said...

I love lazy days where not much happens but reading a good book and listening to music you enjoy. MGW said...

I think life is short, make the most of every day. ENJOY YOUR LIFE..