Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Why I prefer electronic books

Since Waylon's book was too pricey as an e-book, I found an old copy of his real book online for twenty-five cents plus $3.99 shipping.  I was already reading a library book on my Ipad when this arrived, so Cliff decided it looked interesting and started reading.  Before he grabbed it, though, I opened it up and turned to the first chapter. 

Wow, the print is smaller than I'm used to.  If it were an e-book, I could make the print larger.
It's so heavy, and both hands are required to hold it.  
If I want to check out a real library book, I have to actually go to the library.  With the Ipad, I don't even have to leave my easy chair to browse the library offerings and check out books.  

With an e-book, if there's a word I can't understand, I rest my finger on the word and the definition is there instantly.  Although since this one is a book by Waylon Jennings, maybe there aren't many big words.  Not that he was stupid, but he was a down-home, hillbilly type.  I never had any trouble understanding his songs.  
It must be pretty good; at least it's holding Cliff's interest.  I guess I'll dig out my magnifying glass and read it after he's done with it.  Meanwhile, I'm reading a book on the Ipad, where I can make the print as big as I want.


Margaret said...

I love both types of books, but my department giving me a $100 amazon gift card has been VERY dangerous. Now I just download any book I want onto my tablet, using its Kindle app. Very easy and, as you said, adjustable and convenient.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I agree. It is easier to read and hold on to my Kindle too. Like you I do still buy a book if it is cheaper than one for an e-book, but if I have my way I like to read on the er-eader the best. And the great thing is I don't have a lot of books laying around anymore.

Angela said...

I like being able to lay on my side, nook (in my case) tilted sideways with my head and resting against a pillow, and use my pinky finger to "turn the page."

Not that I'm lazy or anything. =)