Saturday, January 05, 2013



Melissa Wiggins said...

Seems like a one-sided argument to me -- not sure who produced this and don't really care. When you have children locked away in closets and never checked on by social services, you know there is a problem. Enter any low-income public school and you see it daily. Of course, in a society that doesn't place enough value on poor or minority children, we generate problems, both within the system and out. We kick up a lot more fuss when we think our gun rights are being taken away than we do when we see the kid next door or down the street being abused. MGW

PFL0W said...

This seems to need more research, I think. If even half of what is said here is true, in even one state in the country, it's horrific and needs to be prosecuted and, more, changed, for sure. I think I'll look into it, to see what I can find, to see if it's verifiable.

Mo Rage