Tuesday, January 22, 2013

With a little help from my friends

Remember those milk filters I needed?  A longtime Internet friend found me a deal!

  I ordered four boxes; with the tax and shipping added, they cost me $5 per box.  That's cheap!

Previously, I was going to get them here:  
This was the best deal I had found on my own.  It's a different brand, but the same type filter.  Shipping on four boxes would have cost almost $10, for a total of $32, or $8 per box.  
Sometimes is isn't what you know, but rather WHO you know.  
We don't have the Farm-and-Fleet stores around here, but when Cliff's sister used to live in Wisconsin and we visited her, we saw them there.  
A couple of people suggested I use coffee filters to strain milk, so I put one in my milk strainer and poured water through it.  It was WAAAAY too slow, even with water.  Some folks said they use muslin or other cloth, then wash and reuse, but I did not want to mess with that.  I like the thick, multi-layered, sterile milk filters.  Unless for some reason I decide to start milking on a daily basis, the 400 filters I ordered a few minutes ago will last me a long, long time.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you got a good supply and at such a good price. It is nice to have friends.

Cliff said...

This supply should last through the long hard pull.
Even if you decide to start pulling twice a day.
At least you weren't left holding the bag with this deal. OK, I'll stop.

Andrea said...

Wonderful!!!! Ask... and a cyberfriend will find. :-)