Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Seed catalogues and stuff

As usual at this time of year, my thoughts have turned to spring and gardening.  I've received three seed catalogues in the mail:  Jung, Shumway's, and Farmer Seed and Nursery.  I checked them online and found a lot of dissatisfaction with all of them.  Then I checked the Burgess, Gurney, and Burbee websites.  I have some experience with all of those, but by the time you pay shipping on the seeds, the cost is ridiculous.  Just as I was about to give up, I thought of Ebay.  There I found many sellers of seeds, with reasonable pricing and low-cost shipping.  There are lots of people selling heirloom seeds and non-GMO seeds, and others selling newer varieties.  I just don't usually think of Ebay when I'm shopping for garden stuff, but that will change in the future.  If you want to check it out, just go to Ebay, use the search feature and type in whatever you're looking for.  You are sure to find it. 

Little did I know it, but Bonnie-the-Jersey-cow and Red-the-Bull had a date for New Year's eve and New Year's Day.  If all goes well, a little half-Jersey, half-red-Angus calf will make an appearance around October tenth.  Someone on Facebook asked if he could choose a name for the calf:  Red October.  I told him I only allow others to name my calves when they are boys, so we shall see.  
Meanwhile, it's only six or seven weeks until Jody has a calf.  I sure hope it isn't so cold then, but what can I expect in February, right?  We'll manage.  I can assure you she will be kept close to the house; no more of that running around the pasture before dawn to see how things are progressing!  

I found a note my mom put in a family record book about the illness I mentioned in the previous entry.

    I am listed as the fourth child because my dad brought a son and a daughter with him to the marriage (his first wife died having my brother), and then Mother lost a full-term baby boy in December of 1937.  People lost a lot of babies (and mothers) in childbirth back then.


Woody said...

Happy New Year, Hope 2013 is a good year, I am afraid we have about a 5 month wait till spring, right now it is minus 2 below zero !!!

Rockintnc said...

Don't forget about Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. Web site is without the www.
They are in Mansfield Mo. They have festivals monthly starting in the spring sometime. Live music too.
I've only got one catalog so far.

patsy said...

i buy seeds fround the baker creek people and find thier prices to be reasonable and the seed good. they send out the most beatiful catlogs you have ever seen.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Seed catalogs are fun for planning what you want in the garden next year. It almost makes me wish I had a garden. It's not to be though and none have arrived in my mailbox. Those days are over for me, but there was a time I did get them. I guess there really is a little bit of everything on ebay. Still snowy and very cold here. 9 degrees yesterday morning and today again.