Saturday, January 12, 2013

Running around with Cliff

When I got up yesterday morning, I had no plans except to fix a couple of healthful meals, take a walk with Cliff, and read my book.  Next Wednesday is Cliff's payday, and I knew we would be running to the city then, on our big monthly shopping spree.  
Then Cliff broke the news to me that he wanted to go to Harbor Freight, and also to America's Best to get his glasses fixed.  I suggested we wait and do it next Wednesday when we'll be going to the city anyhow, but he reminded me how sick-and-tired of shopping I get just doing our usual stuff on that day.  
It's rare to hear Cliff saying he wants to get in the car and go anywhere, so I agreed.  After all, I had the best book ever to read, one that makes me laugh and cry, sometimes both in the span of five minutes.  Not to mention I can play on Facebook on the Ipad.  
We went by the bank, where he got $200 out of his tractor fund.   
Heading west on the freeway, he said, "I want to stop at Lowe's in Blue Springs."  
"That isn't Lowe's," I told him.  "That's a Home Depot." 
"You have to go to a Lowe's specifically?"  
"Yes, because they have a tool that, if it works, is going to be fantastic."  
And he proceeded to describe what this wonderful tool could do.  I hope you don't expect me to tell you what he told me, because I don't have the slightest idea.  
"Where did you hear about this thing?  
"I saw a commercial on television.  If it doesn't cost too much, I'm going to get one for Phil (his brother) too."  
OK, well I have a friend who put me on her Costco account.  All I had to do was walk in, give them her associate number, and claim my free card (whoopie!!).  So I told Cliff I was pretty sure there's a Lowe's next to Costco.
He went there first, and wasn't inside over five minutes; he came out with only one of the amazing tools.  
"You didn't get one for Phil?"  
"No, I'm afraid I wouldn't have enough money left for what I want to get at Harbor Freight."  
"How much did this thing cost?"  
When he told me the amount, I said, "Seriously?  You wouldn't spend that piddly amount of money on your brother who helps you all the time, the one whose company you enjoy so much?  The poor brother who has trouble breathing because of COPD and whose heart is probably is worse shape than yours?"  
"Well, if you put it that way... now I feel bad."  
"You get right back in there and use the credit card if you must, and get one for him!"    
And he did.  Then we went to Costco, got my card, and walked the aisles so I'd be familiar with the layout when we return next week.  We left without buying a single item, mainly because my grocery envelope is empty.  

Temptation, of course, came our way as it always does when we're in the great metropolis of Kansas City.  This time it called to us in the form of Olive Garden, which is right next door to where Cliff got his glasses fixed.  I suggested soup, salad, and breadsticks, but Cliff thought Subway would be a better choice, and of course he was right.  We've been doing so well, it would have been a shame to get sidetracked so soon.  We never stop at one bowl of soup or two breadsticks each.  On our way home, Cliff picked up some spark plugs for the Mercury.  When we arrived here, I realized we had been gone all day, and I had not bought a single item; in fact, I had returned some overalls to Walmart and gotten money back to put in the clothing envelope!  And the main items Cliff was looking for, something at Harbor Freight... some 3/4 drive sockets that go over two inches, he says.  They didn't have them.  
Actually, though, it was kind of a fun day anyway.         


Adirondackcountrygal said...

Ahhh the tool from Lowe's. I too have seen this wondrous thing on television!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Now I'm going to have to find out what this wondrous tool is from Lowe's I haven't seen the commercial but I bet one of my boys has. Glad you had a great day spending nothing. I like to get out and look around just to get some exercise these days. It's warm inside and no snow to walk in either. I'm trying to make a better list so I can try out that once a month big shopping too. I promised myself to make out a menu first so I'd know what I needed. We'll see...

Margaret said...

Amazing tool? I don't know what that would be. Every tool mystifies me. I like Olive Garden, but those bread sticks when they're fresh=horrible temptation. :)