Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oatmeal, YUCK

Actually, Cliff and I like oatmeal just fine; I dress it up with raisins and fruit and walnuts, and it tastes good.  The problem is that we're both tired of it.  We will, however, continue to eat it at least three times a week.  It's good for our hearts, it's cheap, and since I don't add salt, there isn't much sodium in it.  I never buy the instant stuff:  The servings are too small, salt is added, it's expensive, and I can spare three minutes it takes to cook the regular stuff.  Of course it helps that Cliff and I eat at the same time, so one batch is all that's necessary.  On the days we're not forcing down oatmeal we have Cream of Wheat, which Cliff prefers, or cold cereal with some of the fruit I put in the freezer last summer.  
For years I thought I didn't like brown rice, although it's much better for us.  Turns out I wasn't cooking it long enough and it was crunchy; we're using more brown rice now.  
I've gotten rid of my T-fal pans except for one large skillet that I like to use for frying catfish.  I've always used non-stick pans for cooking rice, which sticks so easily to the pan.  But now I have a stainless steel double boiler, which totally prevents any sticking.  It takes a little longer to cook the rice, but I have plenty of time.   
One thing I love about Sparkpeople.com is that it not only keeps track of your calories, but also any nutrients, sodium, cholesterol, and so forth that you choose to monitor.  With that tool, I have found out we never go over the recommended salt intake requirement as long as we eat at home.  I used to buy no-salt tomatoes and tomato sauce at the store, but unless Walmart is carrying those (which they sometimes do, in their house brand) the prices are prohibitive.  For now I am canning my own tomatoes without salt and buying tomato sauce that contains salt.  If we eat out, we go way over the recommended sodium level.  One six-inch Subway sandwich contains more salt than a person should have in a day.
Cliff loves ketchup, and if he's turned loose he can easily eat a half-cup or more of ketchup on a hamburger.  His mother once told me he used to tip up the bottle and drink the stuff.  He's back to limiting it somewhat.  You can buy no-salt ketchup, but Cliff doesn't like it.   
After our walk I toasted some sliced almonds to use in recipes.  I spilled about a cupful of them in the hot oven, and was fretting about how to get them out when Cliff came up with the obvious solution:  the vacuum cleaner.  Later I grated some more home-made cheese and cooked some brown rice to put in small batches in the freezer, for times when I'm in a hurry.  

I have a progress report on the monstrosity next door:  They spent the morning tearing off a dormer that wasn't serving any purpose except, I guess, to balance out the house.  

It's going to look a little unbalanced, but hey, there was no reason for it to be there!  The remaining dormer is part of a bathroom, so I don't think they'll remove it.


Andrea said...

Interesting that they'd leave one dormer & tear out the other one. I'd rather see em both up there myself. An Ode to Balance, I guess.

I hate oatmeal... and I hate breakfast... so I refuse to do either. *ha-ha* I do have a little "help" in my hatred in that my body hates carbohydrates. I gain weight, my blood sugar goes up, it's just all nooooo good!! I need protein & fat... that's all.

I finally found some solace in my quirky eating habits when I read the book "Eat Right For Your (Blood) Type". I'm O- and apparently people with that blood type do not do well with eating carbs & sugars. I guess my body knew what was best all along. :)

Have a great day & I love your blog, btw! It's real... I love it!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I eat a lot more oatmeal in the winter than in the summertime. It's good to have something warm. I don't always have it for breakfast though, sometimes it is the perfect snack in the evening. I think it helps to keep cholesterol down for those that have problems too. It's heart healthy for sure.

Jon said...

If you want to see some REAL neighborhood monstrosities - - come to Texas!
I prefer Cream of Wheat and Cream of Rice to oatmeal.

Amy said...

I love oatmeal, but considering I add a pat of butter, a couple teaspoons of sugar, and some milk...that probably negates the health benefits...

Margaret said...

I like balance too and oatmeal! But I rarely eat it and never prepare it. I think I'm a terrible eater and am just realizing this.