Sunday, January 06, 2013

Stupid healthy eating

That attitude in the title of this entry is the problem.  You can't expect to change your eating lifestyle unless you really WANT to do it.  I am the spoiled little girl stomping her feet and saying, "I don't want to!  I don't CARE if I'm fat." 
Keep in mind that I'm the one who, when we are watching something on DVR, stops it and backs the thing up to watch the restaurant and fast-food commercials.   
Cliff and I are doing fine on this sixth day of eating right, but there have been temptations:  Yesterday was the local fundraiser breakfast to put a new roof on our town's post office and foreign legion (or VFW; I always get those mixed up).  It's a good thing I forgot about it, that's all I can say.  By the time somebody reminded us, we had already had our breakfast.  
Today we walked into church and smelled food.  Yep, it was their yearly holiday dinner.  We didn't stay, dang it.  We came home and ate our 500-calorie dinner.  
Rachel and Kevin came over this afternoon to visit.  They, too, are trying to get back on track.  We had a great visit, but would you believe every single conversation led to food?  
Example:  Me:  "Cliff, I think we'll go to the Nelson Art Gallery this week.  We'll either take a picnic or we'll get a Subway sandwich."  
Example:  Rachel:  "I had to opt out of email updates from Papa John's.  They asked the reason and I chose 'other'.  Then I typed in, 'We're on a diet'."  
I could give you at least twenty examples, but you get the picture.  
Wish us luck.  


Amy said...

I heard Jesse talking to our neighbor saying "Yeah...we're gonna be going on a diet..." I said "What's this 'WE'? You got a mouse in your pocket?!"

(although, after all this holiday food, I'm glad to get back to eating regular food...)

Celeste Sanders said...

phooey diet. I have to get back on my diabetic diet. Main thing, I have to just stop overeating

Margaret said...

Diets are terrible because they make you want exactly what you're not supposed to have. Why can't we love celery sticks and veggies as much as we love chips and fast food? ;)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Food is a big part of our lives for sure. It's not easy finding things that are healthy and you enjoy at the same time. It's a lifestyle change for many. And that takes time.

darev2005 said...

Much good luck, dear. I was trying to get my cholesterol down and ended up eating steak and eggs with biscuits and gravy two weeks in a row.


Back to the drawing board....

Forty Pound Sack said...

Donna, I feel your pain. Unfortunately, I'm alone in the quest because my significant other eats like a billy goat, never gains weight, has perfect blood pressure & cholesterol numbers, and attempts to be helpful by offering to "pick up dinner" - or breakfast - every time he leaves the house. By February I hope to have us both trained. :)

Carlene Noggle said...

I am trying to cut down on portions a little, but no dieting. I am over weight, but my theory is...evry jan evryone is wanting Easter, it slows down some...and then again, I wonder how many folks on the Titanic wished they had eaten what they REALLY wanted before going down??? Life is SHORT and eating what you want shouldn't be a bad thing if in moderation.