Monday, January 07, 2013

People I admire

Tonight I've been on Youtube watching Vestal Goodman videos.
I don't know a thing about her personal life.  I only know what she sang.  Oh yes, and I do have one story that was told to me by a special friend.
One of the dear people I met in the old chat room was Virginia Farless.  I loved her dearly; Cliff and I were welcomed into her home.  She would call me and talk for an hour at a time, usually to tell me about her two surviving children she was so proud of.  She once shared a story about Vestal Goodman that involved her daughter, Chonda Pierce.
Virginia was having a particularly rough struggle with breast cancer.  During that time, her daughter, Chonda, happened to meet up with Vestal in an airport.  Chonda told Vestal that she would appreciate prayers for her mama, since she was fighting cancer.
Vestal didn't hesitate.  Right there in the airport, she began praying for my friend Jen, loudly, with no reservations, swinging that hanky above her head wildly as she was wont to do.
I always loved Vestal Goodman, but this story, told to me by a friend I miss SO much these days, is what made her real to me.

Later I read about another story about how Vestal brought George Jones out of a terrible depression that led to their singing this song together.  I loved Vestal.


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Andrea said...

I *loved* Vestal Goodman!! I was first "introduced" to them via the Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker Show on PTL many years ago. They were very active in that ministry. Yes, I know the rumors about Jim & Tammy too... much of which were not true. Vestal was a very dear friend of Tammy Faye & both ladies loved each other with all their hearts. I'm sure they're singing beautiful music unto the Lord at this very moment, in Heaven!!