Friday, May 04, 2012

So typical of me

For the past several weeks, my Mac Mini has been losing Internet connection.  At first it was a minor inconvenience, but then it started happening with greater frequency.  I'd be in the middle of a blog entry... wham, lost connection.  Half a dozen times daily, and more, I'd have to reboot to regain my connection and then sometimes it only lasted a little while.  Since the Ipad had no connection issues, nor did Cliff's laptop, I figured it was a problem having to do with an Apple computer (yes, I realize the Ipad is also an Apple product).  

I did some Google searching and found solutions I really didn't understand, but somewhere in there somebody suggested unhooking the modem for thirty seconds.  
"That couldn't possibly help," I mumbled, "because Cliff's computer is having no problems.  How can it be a modem problem?"  
About this same time, it occurred to me that perhaps I was simply having a computer problem that might be happening even if I was using a PC, and decided to stop blaming Apple.  
And I unhooked from the modem for thirty seconds.
I'm sure you've guessed it:  My Internet connection is once again trustworthy.  I'm always overlooking the obvious when it comes to computer problems. 
 I am picturing my daughter nodding in agreement at this point.

In a recent entry I shared this picture, taken at a tractor swap meet, wondering what this implement could be.  One of my Tractor Tales buddies emailed me (since he can't comment on my blog) to tell me it's a telegraph spoon.
Thanks, Dennis!  


Cliff said...

Glad to hear it's cured.
The spoon was news to me but now I know.

Paula said...

Things that make you go Hummm.

darev2005 said...

I'd seen things like that before and had wondered what they were.

Thanks Donna!

Hyperblogal said...

I think it's the Giant's sugar spoon fallen down from the beanstalk.

Melissa Wiggins said...

I've been following along with your daughter's saga -- and it's amazing how upbeat everyone in the family is about her situation. I find it very inspiring. Our heartfelt best wishes for her quick and full recovery go out to your family. As to modems, we are still trying to figure out how to go wireless -- I think that's probably up at the top of my agenda once I retire. Everything in our lives right now seems to revolve around "once I retire . . . "

Helen said...

Glad that you got your computer going right. I would have never guess what that shovel thingy was. I have never seen one before and I was raised on a farm. I noticed they are more expensive than regular shovels.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad that internet is working right for you now. There is nothing more frustrating than loosing connection like that.


Picking on Apple, ey? Glad it got fixed. GOOD. It's always the obvious solution. We have to do that here from time to time. Something about modems, I suppose. INTERESTING spoon.

Margaret said...

Yep, unhooking from the modem can reset things and make it all work. But it is also a hassle!