Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Catching up

We had a great weekend.  Nephew Scotty asked me on Facebook if we would be home Sunday; I told him we would, except for the hour or so we would be gone to church.  Then I told him I was singing a song I wrote, and invited him and his girl friend, Marsha, to come out and go with us.  They arrived on Scotty's motorcycle in plenty of time to go.  
All I am going to say about singing at church is that by the time I got up to sing, I was a nervous wreck.  It's been so long, like about twenty years!  I got through it, though.  
After church I breaded tenderloins and we had tenderloin sandwiches.  The grandson and Heather arrived about the time we were finishing, so I fixed them tenderloins too.  Scotty wanted to see our daughter, Rachel, and we had expected her to come out for a visit at some point, but finally we got tired of waiting and went to her house instead, on our motorcycles.  Since she already had a house full of company (probably the reason she hadn't been able to leave), we didn't stay too long.
Then we went for a bike ride east on 24 highway to Waverly.

We took this picture of Scotty and Marsha at a park in Waverly.  That's the Missouri River behind them, of course.  
We are eating green beans and potatoes and beets from the garden now.  I am absolutely DREAMING of ripe tomatoes, but of course it will be awhile till that happens.  Probably a month, at least.  There are tiny cucumbers and zucchini on the vines.  
We had intended to ride the bike to Versailles Monday, but when I got up yesterday morning, my heart just wasn't in it and I wanted to stay home.  Cliff was agreeable to that.  We did ride to Excelsior Springs today, and I told Cliff we need to do more of our errand-running on the motorcycle like we used to when we first got it.  It was really a fun little ride.

Here we are returning home through Lexington today.  
It's pretty warm, but the windows are open and the A/C is off for the first time in three days.  We're supposed to have a real nice cool-down the next three days, and there's a chance of rain.  I am crossing my fingers.  The soaker hoses just don't do as good a job watering the tomatoes as a good old-fashioned rain does.  

Just so you know, I hate entries like this where I say "We did this, we did that, then we... blah blah blah."  But I have a sister-in-law in St. Louis who likes to know what's going on with us, so there you have it.


Unknown said...

I like your blah blah blahs too !

Charade said...

You make me miss my motorcycle. Glad your song went well.

Margaret said...

I like these kinds of posts too--they let us know about your daily happenings and the interesting things you're doing. They may not seem fascinating to you, but to your readers, they show a slice of your life!


I don't know. I kinda of like hearing about you doing, this or that. GREAT pics always accompany your posts, so I enjoy reading them. A bike ride is just the thing to get your heart pumping and spirits soaring. ENJOY those shorter rides too.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I like to hear about what you've been doing too. We are to be cooler here for a few days too. It supposed to rain Friday and we need it too. I'll be watering today, it is dry out. Hope your Wednesday is a wonderful one!

Cliff said...

Singing in church,,,aren't you the brave one.

Hollie said...

I enjoyed reading your we did this and that and then........ Sounds like a wonderful day! The fresh veggies sound wonderful!!

Melissa Wiggins said...

Maybe Will and I should buy motorcycles -- your retirement life sounds so much more fun than mine is currently. MGW

Lori said...

Nothing wrong with a "we did this and that" post now and then!