Friday, May 25, 2012

What is better than a timely rain?

Yesterday morning Cliff and I went to Bob Evans to eat breakfast, since I had mentioned the day before that I was craving an omelet.  
We used to patronize Denny's when we had a breakfast craving, but the closest one to us is a little greasy and has dirty windows sometimes.  At Bob Evans, the windows, tables, and floors are spotless.  Yes, this review is coming from a person who usually doesn't notice cobwebs on the ceiling in her own home unless she runs into one.  So sue me.  
The omelets were good, although after paying $20 for two of us (before the tip) with only water to drink because coffee is so expensive, I have to ask myself if it was worth it.  It really wasn't.  Do you know how many breakfasts I could fix for the two of us for $20?  And we can afford coffee at home, too, and I don't expect a tip.  
Next time we go to Bob Evans, I'm getting the biscuits and gravy to keep the cost down.  Their biscuits are really good, and they actually put sausage in the gravy.  But there again, I could make better biscuits and gravy at home for a much smaller price.  
While we were eating breakfast, a lady across the way overheard me saying something to Cliff about watering my garden and said, "There's a ten percent chance of rain later today."  
"It's never going to rain again," I answered.  
Of course I knew eventually rain would come, but I was getting so discouraged, what with moving the soaker hose around all the time and seeing my garden turn into a desert.  It just felt like rain would never come.  Or if it did come, it would likely only be a little sprinkle.  Sometimes I lean toward a pessimistic outlook.  
But last night the rains came, gentle rains that did no harm, but only good.  The kind of rain that soaks softly into the parched soil.  Cliff had just mowed the yard, and a couple of days before he had mowed the hay and gotten it put up.  Perfect.  He won't be mowing for hay the rest of the year; we'll let the cows graze it.  After all, it isn't really an alfalfa stand, it's a grass-mix pasture.  I don't think there will be a problem with bloat at this point.  
There's a little over an inch in the rain gauge.  Perfect.


Hollie said...

Glad the rain finally came. It is expensie for sure, but I know a change ever once is awhile is nice. I'm sure your cooking would have been better though.

Anonymous said...

I can only think of one thing better than a timely rain and I'm not about to say what that is here.

Have a great, safe, fun holiday weekend.

Margaret said...

Perfect! I get resentful if I have to water because WA is known for occasional(or more than occasional) showers. I hate paying to water if nature will do it for me!! I love eating out; it's nice to be waited on. :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We are getting that good rain here at my house tonight.We did need it after it got up to an almost unheard of 93 degrees here today. I agree nothing is better for the plants than a good rain


Glad you got a little rain.We get the daily special at a local joint called LULU's. It's 4.99 for bacon, eggs, hash browns, coffee or tea. We also like the $5.49 egg burrito at Denny's with avocado. I ask for salsa and sour cream and instead of hash browns get the fresh fruit cup. We order, eat and if it's after 4pm we get additional money off for the senior discount. Ours is clean. Shame about yours. Complain to corporate.

Lori said...

We love our Bob Evans. Our Denny's is pretty clean and well-managed, but I prefer Bob Evans menu.