Friday, May 25, 2012

Picking cherries again

A lot of the cherries are past their prime and falling from the tree.  I baked a pie yesterday that was SO delicious, I just couldn't bear to let all that potential goodness fall to the ground.  So I spent about two hours on the ladder again today, picking cherries.  A pair of robins scolded me unmercifully while my head was up in the branches, and I finally noticed their nest.  I got a little higher than I probably should have with my fake knee, but here's what I saw:  

Baby robins are ugly little creatures, aren't they?  I snapped several pictures, but this is the only one that wasn't blurry.  My head was just even with the bottom of the nest, so I couldn't actually see what I was getting a picture of.  Most of the shots were blurry.  Oh, but I did get a brief video!


I don't plan on picking any more cherries.  There are probably at least six cups I picked today from which to remove the seeds:  It's a sticky, messy, clothes-staining job I detest!  Don't suggest a cherry pitter, I have to watch for worms.  So I seed the little cherries one at a time.  

Four years ago I planted a trumpet vine out front to attract hummingbirds.  I was warned that these things can take over a place if not carefully watched.  If this one oversteps its bounds, Cliff will be Johnny-on-the-spot to take control.  There is one down the street from my daughter's house that has consumed a whole building... incredible!

The hummingbirds really appreciate these flowers.  Now that we've actually gotten some rain, perhaps all my flowers will bloom a little longer.  

Most of my day lilies turned brown and didn't bloom, but the Asiatic lilies are really showing off.


Paula said...

Very pretty flowers Mosie.

Hollie said...

Your flowers are lovely! I need to hunt me one of those trumpet vines! It's gorgeous!!

Lisa said...

Fresh cherries sound so good right now, Hugs Lisa

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I can only imagine how wonderful that pie must have been. Well worth the work it took to pick those cherries. Your flowers are beautiful! Ours day lilies are starting to form buds here. Hope they bloom. Have a super Saturday!

Jerry & Vikki said...

Love the trumpet vine...did you ever find your missing cow?

Jerry & Vikki said...

Love the trumpet vine...did you ever find your missing cow?

Margaret said...

I love the lilies and the trumpeter vine is pretty too--hard to imagine it taking over a building. However, morning glory and blackberries do the same thing here.


I can only imagine how tasty a piece of that cherry pie would have been. GREAT video of the baby bird. UGLY but cute. The trumpet vine is delightful. Though taking over the place is not a GOOD idea. Pretty flowers. Love lillies.

Lori said...

That video is precious!