Friday, May 11, 2012

Seen at a shop in Eureka Springs

I loved some of these souviners, but they were very much overpriced, so instead of buying them, I took pictures.  That's almost as good, right?

I really wanted to buy the Great Dane thing for my granddog Titan, but it was very thin plastic (Cliff said it seemed like paper to him).  It wasn't worth the seven bucks they wanted for it.  

This is called the Queen Anne mansion.  It was originally built in Carthage, Missouri, (where my son-in-law grew up) and later disassembled, moved to Eureka Springs, and reassembled.  


Jon said...

I haven't been to Eureka Springs in a long time - - thanks for sharing your recent visit.

If I took photos of things instead of impulsively buying them, I'd be a wealthy man today.


Love the house and the signs were hilarious. I also take pictures of things I want, but refuse to buy 'cause of the price. All this talk of Eureka Springs makes me want to visit again. Enjoyed the ride.