Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We went to Kingsville livestock auction

These steers ended up bringing $1.86 per pound.  I wish I had written down how much they weighed, but I can guarantee you that they brought over $800 each, probably closer to $900.  
Little baby calves that had been taken from their Angus mothers brought well over $300 apiece, and one teeny, almost midget-like heifer brought over $200.  The cheapest small calf they sold was blind in one eye and not too healthy-looking, and brought around $100.  
The last time we went to the sale, I decided we should have another cow on our place to have high-priced babies and ended up with Babe; Cliff paid half of her cost, and I paid half.  So we are both equally invested in her.  Of course, what's his is mine and what's mine is mine anyway... wait, did I say that?

When you sit in a livestock auction barn for an hour, the smell is embedded in your clothes and hair.  You don't notice until you are well away from the place, then you start sniffing and realize you stink.   


Rachel said...

I'm not sure what song was playing during that video, but it sounded familiar. :)

Charade said...

I have never been able to understand those auctioneers. The one time I went to an antique auction the guy was nice enough to tell me that I had just bid against myself. How do you do it?


I thought it was pretty funny they all exited before the auction was over. At times Life stinks, sometimes you have to wear the colonge. take care.