Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Lonely little hummingbird

I have several hummingbirds at my feeders now.  They all seem to be males, but I'm sure the females will show up any day.  I have three feeders in front of the house, and one in the back, right outside the window where I can look up from my computer and watch it.  
Evidently only one hummingbird has discovered the one in the back yard, because there's no fighting or socializing.  Just the one little guy, sitting there all day long.  

He sits on that rooster's tail until he gets thirsty.  I took this picture yesterday, but he's in the same spot as I type this.  

Just what every hummingbird wants:  His own private feeder.  Actually, I think he looks a little depressed.  He's lonely, you know.

Poor little guy.  

Cliff and I were talking about going to Arkansas on the Gold Wing this week, but his knee has been acting up ever since that day of climbing on and off the tractor when he was baling hay, and we've decided we don't need to venture that far from home on a motorcycle until the knee straightens up.  Let's hope it does straighten up!

The cows got into a fenced-in area they haven't been allowed to access for a long time.  This morning I went to see how they got there and found a long section of fence totally on the ground.    When I saw them in there yesterday, they were cavorting and kicking up their heels like crazy.  It's funny how horses and cows think they are getting away with something when they find their way into a place that was not open to them before.  
No harm was done, and in fact we could open up the area to them, but not until we check the fence on the other side; it's the fence that keeps them on our property and off the road.

I just looked up and saw a second hummingbird try to drink from Lonesome George's private stock.  Didn't take old George long to run him off, and now he's back on the rooster's tail, standing guard.


Joyce Rector said...

Donna your post & pictures really make my day brighter. I really miss the 3 kids, & spend alot of time here now. So I look forward to reading about your dogs, cats, cows, & birds, everything is better with pictures & you take very good pictures. Thanks for the posts.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I agree your entry about lonesome George and the happy cows made me chuckle here this morning. Thanks for the SMILES today! Hope Cliff is better soon!

darev2005 said...

Even though I know it's deadly serious business for them, it still cracks me up to hear hummingbirds fighting. That high pitched chittering always gives me the giggles.

Melissa Wiggins said...

When I was a girl we spend the summer in the mountains filling the hummingbird feeders with sweet nectar. We loved watching them come drink -- and the flit among the columbine. Sweet memories of days long gone. M.

Margaret said...

I LOVE hummingbirds! I consider them magical and am transfixed when I see one. LOL at the cows cavorting.