Monday, May 14, 2012

A walk around the place

I've spent a lot of time in the garden today.

I pulled some blighty leaves off one of my two Rutgers tomato plants.  I have never known this tactic to help, but it makes me feel like I'm doing something.  

The Celebrity tomatoes, however, are blight-free so far.  Every week I've been finding the Sunday paper in my driveway, so rather than burn it, I'm using it for mulch.  

My two eggplants are doing well.  Don't mind the holes in that leaf.  The other leaves are hole-free.  There are a couple of blooms already. 

A zucchini plant, just waiting for the squash bugs to appear, no doubt.  I hope at least it lasts long enough for me to have some ratatouille.  You aren't seeing any pictures of my corn because this year corn does not want to grow in my garden.  I've replanted, to no avail.  I may try once more.

There are peaches about the size of walnuts.  They will be wormy this year:  I had plans to spray the trees, but whenever the time was right, it was always too windy.  I don't mind cutting out the wormy parts.  

The cherries are turning red.  The first ones are usually wormy.  I don't pick many cherries:  They are the sour kind, and make wonderful jam and pies, but do we look like we need jam or pies?  I probably will make a couple of pies or cobblers and let the birds have the rest.  

"Whatcha' doin', Cliff?"  
"Oh, I'm making a couple of collapsable sawhorses; the wooden ones take up too much room in my shop."

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I envy your garden of goodies. Everytime it rains my herbs look worse and worse. they all just up and died. Guess i'm not meant to have any this year. My hubby's eyes are a blaze looking at Cliff's new sawhorses. Looking good.